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  1. NOw i think they'll make "A gret Gig in the sky", it will be a good party... We know, you never said you were frightened of dying, but we don't like miss great persons R.I.P. Man, thank you, P.S> grat (wo)men don't die never!!!
  2. Pig-Me and the Whore - Jethro Tull
  3. GioBrasil

    First Kiss

    I was 10 ( it means 30 years ago, OMG i'm old ), and I just remember she started to move her tongue, so I started too... She's still a good friend of mine, but we never were girl/boy friends...
  4. Sweet Sir Galahad - Joan Baez
  5. With a little help from my friend - Beatles
  6. Where is my mother - Bob marley and the Wailers
  7. I have no problem with it, as we say here: "Who never saw doesn't know what is, who already saw is not scared..."
  8. un peu, mais je n'écris pas... :'(
  9. But, in this side of equator, we just have summer in december... P.S> I cannot surf anymore :'(
  10. LEGALISE IT My city was one of four who could make the marijuana march in Brasil, i didn't go coz i was like Galilei, seeing the world to turn... Some images of Recife's March
  11. wand makes me remember fairy, so: Absinthe
  12. Packard Goose - Frank Zappa
  13. Português ou brasileiro? (Portuguese or brasilian?)
  14. How justifY: Brasil has the biggest organic fuel (sugar cane alcohol) word production, while change itself as the biggest food producer?
  15. Giovanni José (Giovanni is italian for John, José is portuguese for joseph) there is a superstition here if the Umbilical cord is rolled in the neck have to get Joseph or Mary in the name, or the baby will die Drowned...
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