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  1. I'm communist (a real one, not like those stalinist crap), period.
  2. Yes, you have, for PLAY
  3. Yo creo que todas las lenguas tienen algo de dificil... Y las diferencias siempre san la dificuldad, por ejemplo algunas palabras en castellano son muy projimas del portugues, pero otras... English: Hat Castellano: sombrero Portugues: chapéu English: Pants / trousers Castellano: Pantalonas Português: Calça English: But Castellano: Pero Portugues: Mas English: Development Castellano: Desarrollo Portugues: Desenvolvimento
  4. You don't need understand them, just love'em... P.S. However, stay far when they are in PMT...
  5. My Sweet Lord - George Harrison
  6. Translating for portuguese: É muito difícil para mim falar em espanhol... Faz algum tempo que eu o estudei. O francês é muito mais fácil para mim. A pronúncia em espanhol é, sem dúvida, mais fácil, mas creio que alguns aspectos da gramática são mais fáceis em francês. É muito mais fácil aprender um idioma romano se já fala alguma outra língua romana. Mas, se começa com inglês ou chinês, é mais difícil aprender espanhol, porque são mais diferentes. Por tanto, é mais fácil traduzir esta mensagem do francês para o espanhol do que do inglês para o espanhol. La proximidad de las lenguajes a v
  7. As well as Midle age christians weren't realy (with some exceptions) christians... The blood in Russia came with the reaction... To say Hittler and Mussolini had a socialistic economy is as dumb ass as to say China, nowadays, is a free Market economy... But, Augusto Pinochet was the icon of new capitalism I can see every day what the capitalism makes with people in my country. Thanks god we're changin this reality. I do not believe in democracy just in politic without democracy in economy, and i do not believe in socialism without freedom... I fight since i
  8. so, do not paint it like the better thing... My point is, if you analise the democracy and capitalism just by the first experience (French revolution under Jacobin Club) you also see something as atrocious as (or more atrocious than) 20th Century socialist's regimens. And you can answer me "but in USA wasn't so". And i ask you, what about Civil War? What about USA killing peoples in all wars since WWI? What about suporting right dictatorships (including Sadam Hussein one) with millions and millions of deaths? The "socialists" experiences that we know aren't so good, and I say they wasn'
  9. And the capitalism makes so: Haiti Brasil USA
  10. Your answers suggest you are a Counsellor Summary of Counsellors * Search for meaning in their life and develop powerful insights * Are dedicated to helping others reach their potential * Think of themselves as gentle, peaceable and cautious * Others may find it difficult to get to know them
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