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  1. El Español es una lengua dificil, sobre todo para escribir. Algunas veces hasta para nosotros, y mas cuando la evolucion del mismo se extiende.

    Hay muchas reglas que seguir para escribir en Español. Es muy complejo.

    Yo creo que todas las lenguas tienen algo de dificil... Y las diferencias siempre san la dificuldad, por ejemplo algunas palabras en castellano son muy projimas del portugues, pero otras...

    English: Hat

    Castellano: sombrero

    Portugues: chapéu

    English: Pants / trousers

    Castellano: Pantalonas

    Português: Calça

    English: But

    Castellano: Pero

    Portugues: Mas

    English: Development

    Castellano: Desarrollo

    Portugues: Desenvolvimento

  2. what the fuck is wrong with females ?


    you play these fucking mind games with us and you expect us to know what the fuck is going on.

    why do females have to be so god damn complicating. it just pisses me off. im so sick of this shit.


    "soul of a women was created below"

    You don't need understand them, just love'em...

    P.S. However, stay far when they are in PMT... :rolleyes:

  3. ¿Ha dicho alguien "cerveza"? Una cerveza mexicana que me gusta mucha es Cucapá Obscura. Tiene un gran sabor (hmm, that can't be right), pero no es muy amarga.

    Bof, c'est vachement difficile pour moi de parler l'espagnole...ça fait longtemps que je l'ai étudié. Le français est beaucoup plus facile - pour moi, en tout cas. La prononciation de l'espagnole est absolument plus facile, mais je trouve que certains aspects de la grammaire sont plus faciles en français. J'aime que les langues romanes sont très proches dans leur structure. Si l'on parle une langue romane, il est beaucoup plus facile d'apprendre une autre. Mais si l'on commence avec l'anglais ou le chinois, par exemple, il est plus difficile d'apprendre l'espagnole, parce qu'ils sont plus différentes. Donc, il est plus facile de traduire ce message de français à espagnole que d'anglais à espagnole.

    Ooookay, now let's see if I can say that in Spanish after not using it at all since high school:

    Es muy difícil para mí de hablar en español...Hace mucho rato que le estudié. El francés est mucho más fácil - para mí, en todo caso. La pronunciación de español es sin duda más fácil, pero creo que algunos aspectos de la gramática son más fáciles en francés. Si habla un lenguaje romance, es mucho más fácil de aprender un otro. Pero si comenza con inglés o chino, es más difícil de aprender español, porque son más diferentes. Por tanto, es más fácil de traducir este mensaje de francés a español que inglés a español. Oy that took a long time.

    Sorry, I know no one's going to get the French part, but it's always good to practice, and seriously, it is easier to go from French to Spanish than from English to Spanish.

    Translating for portuguese:

    É muito difícil para mim falar em espanhol... Faz algum tempo que eu o estudei. O francês é muito mais fácil para mim. A pronúncia em espanhol é, sem dúvida, mais fácil, mas creio que alguns aspectos da gramática são mais fáceis em francês. É muito mais fácil aprender um idioma romano se já fala alguma outra língua romana. Mas, se começa com inglês ou chinês, é mais difícil aprender espanhol, porque são mais diferentes. Por tanto, é mais fácil traduzir esta mensagem do francês para o espanhol do que do inglês para o espanhol.

    La proximidad de las lenguajes a veces confunde más qué ayuda

    The proximity of the languages sometimes confuses more than helps

  4. "They weren't socialism"...thats such a cop out. Then what the hell was it, if not a failed attempt

    As well as Midle age christians weren't realy (with some exceptions) christians...

    If you analyze communistic attempts just by the first experience (Russian Revolution under Vladimir Lenin) you'll find something thats more atrocious than anything capitalism has ever produced. Nazi Germany had a socialistic economy, as did Mussolini's Italy. Socialism has more skeletons than capitalism.

    The blood in Russia came with the reaction...

    To say Hittler and Mussolini had a socialistic economy is as dumb ass as to say China, nowadays, is a free Market economy...

    But, Augusto Pinochet was the icon of new capitalism

    But seriouslly, those pictures...come on. I can find millions of photos showing the worst of Socialism, as well as capitalism, so pictures aren't really going to change anyone's perceptions here..

    I can see every day what the capitalism makes with people in my country. Thanks god we're changin this reality.

    I see the good and bad in both. Perhaps you should do the same

    I do not believe in democracy just in politic without democracy in economy, and i do not believe in socialism without freedom...

    I fight since i was 15 Y.O. to end the misery and exploration of humans by humans, and i fought too much to get freedom in my country (and, coz it, I got some haematomas ... :))

  5. Hey Gio, guess what? The world will never be perfect. Capitalism isn't perfect

    so, do not paint it like the better thing...

    My point is, if you analise the democracy and capitalism just by the first experience (French revolution under Jacobin Club) you also see something as atrocious as (or more atrocious than) 20th Century socialist's regimens.

    And you can answer me "but in USA wasn't so". And i ask you, what about Civil War? What about USA killing peoples in all wars since WWI? What about suporting right dictatorships (including Sadam Hussein one) with millions and millions of deaths?

    The "socialists" experiences that we know aren't so good, and I say they wasn't socialism , as well as Jacobin Club wasn't democracy, but capitalism is good just for who have money.

    P.S. Jesus Christ said about the Pharisees "They usually see grain of dust in the eyes of other, but they do not see the bar in their eye"... I think it can explain better what I said...

  6. Your answers suggest you are a Counsellor

    Summary of Counsellors

    * Search for meaning in their life and develop powerful insights

    * Are dedicated to helping others reach their potential

    * Think of themselves as gentle, peaceable and cautious

    * Others may find it difficult to get to know them

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