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  1. Black Sabath - Paranoid Deep Purple - In Rock Hendrix - Are you experienced? Led Zeppelin IV Nirvana - Nevermind Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon Rolling Stones - Stick Fingers Sepultura - Roots Uriah Heep - Abominog Who - Tommy
  2. Married about 4 years, with a 20 months old toddler boy
  3. A very hot sun, almost 40ª C, we're almost in summer :beer:
  4. ^don't post her for ages < I was missing you, my friend
  5. ^Hypocondriac <wanna be very far from a disease
  6. ^some body as old as me wnat drink beer with ^, and, maybe, wanna another intentions < wanna a new job
  7. ^Diabetes? < have to gonna doctor in afternoon
  8. Was not on this new forum, but I loved the 3 "Random Thread 3". Mandy, Célia and Katuschka disputing the preference was great
  9. ^Merry Xtmas, Mommy <have to buy a gift to mom's birthdate, next sunday
  10. I want to break free - Queen
  11. I'm from Brasil, the country of bossa nova... Usually people ask me why do I use steel strings But i use both
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