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  1. I was born in Recife (brasilian north east, means Reef) When I was at Uni I studied in Recife I'm living, since i married, in Recife That's my city:
  2. Althought his adictived muscles, this right guy is very androgynous, isn't him?
  3. Aurora Austral (I'm from south, guys )
  4. The last pic show what make ya play better, right? Good see Your Excellency here again!
  5. San Francisco Bay Blues - Eric Clapton
  6. amputation In the sense that rastafari i don't acept
  7. You are the guy, man.

    we have almost same past, thc and surf...

    You Rock

  8. Casino boogie - The Rolling Stones
  9. GioBrasil

    Photos !

    Do those mushrooms get us a "ticket to trip", or not?
  10. ^Studied svenska <too bored and tired
  11. I've Seen That Movie Too - Elton John
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