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  1. And the capitalism makes so: Africa Brasil Iraq
  2. "Die Zukunft der menschlichen Natur" (the future of human nature) Jürgen Habermas - The book takes up the question of genetic engineering and its ethical implications and subjects it to careful philosophical scrutiny. P.S> NO, i don't read in germany, i'm reading a translate to portuguese
  3. When I was a huge vegetarian (23 years of my life) I listened always: "The vegetarian go with a girlfriend behind the bush, and eat the bush..." ("to eat" here also means "to fuck", make love, make sex...)
  4. You most to post it in a site in internet, and, after, post the URL here between the signs ... http://forums.ledzeppelin.com//index.php?showtopic=4505
  5. The question is, WTF means "free market"? If this axis of capitalistic logical is so good (at least since Adam Smith), why USA, the biggest country of "free market", needs, sometimes, the govt. hand to save its economy, for example?
  6. Socialism and Communism are also economic/social models, but there is not economy without politics, and there is not politics without economy, it's like chicken and egg, there is no one without the other...
  7. I use to say China is a "State Capitalism", as well as those right dictatorship in latin america at 70's (all those suported by USA...)
  8. What about his birds? Once I saw him kissing them... Maybe he is in honeymoon with a parakeet... (the funny of it, in brasilian portuguese, parakeet is a slang for genitalia )
  9. "La Pietá" cannot be called art, it's more like "God's creation"...
  10. It's not from the real site, but I COULDN'T HELP:
  11. Cinderella wanted go to the ball, but she was in red days, so her Fairy godmother came and changed a pupkin in an tampon, and, at midnight, Cinderella died...
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