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  1. try do it with oil on the cup, and you'll see what real move... Just your Unconscious mind
  2. If you come to my city, you'll see some plants like this Don't be happy, it's not our plant, just look like, and if you smoke it, you have a strong headache... I know, i smoked it...
  3. Don't worry, you line (in traffic congestion, or waiting to pay at supermarket) is always the slowest, and don't try to chage the line...
  4. after the fight, we go to the beer después de la lucha, vamos a la cerveza :beer: Salud, herman@s Cheers brothers and sisters
  5. :notworthy: !Buena respuesta, hermana! Nosotros de LatinAmerica no quedamos más como alfombra de los gringos!
  6. Hahaha, my son use to do it too, and when he see a beer he says: "cerveja de papai" (dad's beer) don't you have troubles with this pic, man?
  7. ^already study medicine... < thinks "anaesthesia" has more letters than sufficient (anestesia, in portuguese, with almost same pronunciation)
  8. ^wants "there is no pain you are receding..." < i need so...
  9. !algunos idiotas siempre pierden la ocasión de cerrar la boca!
  10. ^think won't see her nick < want a bit of rain here
  11. Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler
  12. ^is paranormal, or is using wonderfull drugs... < toothache
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