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  1. What? so is it possible that the golden les paul's small row of squares are actually not a decoration but the buttons itself? Not that it matters anything but i'm curious.
  2. Let me guess, he played a Les Paul Custom w/ gold finish? I think he used it at the 90's tour. It sounds decent to me. I spotted at least 4 to 5 guitars he used that night so i don't think he even need to use that clumsy tuning-changer for dadgad purpose. Besides, i recall he felt that his Cherry red - Les Paul lost it's tone after he did some similiar changes to it so i would think he is less careful about implementing such systems to his guitars, would he. And to you silly boys, Danelectros are that cheap that chances could be that it is already wrecked beyond repair by time.
  3. -Your Time Is Gonna Come was played shortly as a part of a jam-medley, i guess it was '72 at Japan? Never really played solely. -I'm pretty sure When The Levee Breaks has been performed once or twice during the history of Zep. [Answered] -And man, Fool In The Rain is a very, very cool song (albeit bit too similiar in all parts). Pre-Zep era: Plant perfomed it with Pearl Jam recently, at some charity gig. Yeah, during D&C jams they would play a part very much reminding the WW. In fact, i think Walter's Walk was inspired BY the D&C jams and it was recorded at Rolling Stones Mobile studio. Played live or not - it's up to you. -Carouselambra has been in fact played with In The Evening on No Quarter - tour (i gotta hear this version, it sounds bombastic). But yeah, never during Zeppelin.
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