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  1. I like how civilized this discussion is. Good work. Now, perhaps i am just repeating everyone else's opinion but here's mine: -- I love bootlegs and i listen to them much. Hell, LZ bootlegs were what hooked me to the band itself! I love both their live and studio material. Especially what i like is their studio-material. Some brilliant songs and moments there - Swan Song comes in my mind! A great song, butchered for The Firm. I couldn't understand why Page thought that it wasn't "ready" yet! --- Now after two - three years of studying of Page's and Rodger's comments and listenin
  2. Hey, thanks for replies. Yeah, now that i thought about it, i guess a different mic placing would be logical for Jimmy. Thanks for help!
  3. What mixing does the guitar have in the beginning of Gallows Pole? It sounds oddly distant and thin. I'm sure somebody of you knows about this!
  4. Long time no see Rock Action and everyone. He-hey, i had just recently listened through the whole album and i pretty much felt the same! The music was pretty great but i felt than Plant's subpar singing didn't make it justice, it's pretty bad at Sons of Freedom. It doesn't help that in the mix Plant voice is a bit quieter than others. Speaking of mix, i felt that the album was pretty overmixed, overly too wet - that's how it sounds weird at times. But yeah, otherwise the album is musically pretty good, this pretty much proved singlehandely that Page is not over yet even though all
  5. Haha, word. I'll buy a beer the next time i see you, my friend.
  6. Drop D? The song still requires the B to be dropped to A, otherwise it doesn't sound very logical. Unless you mean something like DGDGAD, i recall it works that way too, it just has more stretching left-hand - patterns. The best would be of course that you would just play it in DADGAD (Dsus4). It's a nice tuning.
  7. Now guys, what i want to ask you is that does the tour have to be at 2008. I don't know about you but i can wait for 2009 and ahead. pst,
  8. Here we go again! I agree with this completely. Besides, i would take a new album over tour w/ old songs any time. What's the best in this is that i really believe they could deliver some new shit. I really do.
  9. You mean the UK gig? Or will there be more more shows in Europe than that then?
  10. That's a pretty sad story. I'm sorry to hear about that. Obviously my feelings were the very same as i reliazed i didn't get the tickets to this 02 concert.
  11. Yeah, feh feh, damn brits and their strange habits, right?
  12. it is....sad.....that there are....purists....like....you. I'm a guitarist too and i don't give a shit. In fact, i am eagerly waiting to hear the new adaptations of the old songs. Sure, opinion respected etc but think about it.
  13. LED ZEPPLIN! A WORLD TOUR: IT'S NOW OR 2009. Why not tour later? Why at 2008? Besides, Plant + Krauss for 2008 has already been deciced. I wouldn't mind that kind of arreangement, as long as there would be some shows. Though even more eagerly than world tour i am wishing for an studio album or at least new stuff from all the 4 members (would hardly satisfy, though.)
  14. Sorry guys. I'm going to disagree with all of you. Jason did well. In fact, i'm not going to be some hc-gayfan like some of you (SUGAR BONZO WHERE U BEENB) but instead, i will say that they were EXACTLY the Led Zeppelin, here'n'alive. They were there and they are alive. If you diagree, well i sure respect your opinion while it's complete bullshit.
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