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  1. And EV has the cheek to put a "If this gets shared (torrented) then it may endanger future releases' disclaimer on their most recent releases. When they themselves take fan work and press it themselves. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure they spend a lot of money getting new sources like Japan '71 etc and that's great because it's only them that's releasing them, but they can't have it both ways.
  2. Isn't Kashmir from the second night quite highly regarded.
  3. I'd second that. 1st Night - Knebworth Masters 3 Discs 2nd Night - Return of the Dinosaurs GM
  4. Im furthur digging this thread up as i recently got the live at Hammersmith CD and yes, it's fucking tremendous!! Been waiting for an official live Darkness release for years and this features a top notch performance and a great set list. Love this band.
  5. For Knebworth 4th, you want Knebworth Masters (3 Discs) For Knebworth 11th, Return Of The Dinosaurs by GM is very good.
  6. There's been a million remasters and releases of it.
  7. The 2010 dadgad rip. Either in 24/96 or 16/44. Or both. Depending on which one you wanted.
  8. The show is like night and day when it gets to Black Dog. Other than that, Baton Rouge is an awesome show overall. Kasmir and IMTOD being big highlights.
  9. Nice. If anyone could offer a non torrent DL please
  10. I know Wendy released a 9CD set earlier this year, too.
  11. In fairness, the OP only asked for recs for Vienna and LA 😛
  12. Vienna is a really good show. It features a tremendous Heartbreaker esp. It's available as both AUD and a SBD recording but you're best bet is to go with a AUD/SBD matrix. Winston's is very good and i know the Eat A Peach label recently put one out too that was v.good on my last listen. That release only uses a combination of AUD sources though. Whereas Winston's is a AUD/SBD matrix.
  13. One of the biggest and best releases of live Zep and the thread has to turn into.......whatever it's turned into. Anyway, this SBD just makes the show even better. Heartbreaker, SIBLY and Dazed esp are just tremendous with Jimmy in top, top form.
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