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  1. I was stood roughly halfway between the stage and the soundboard, centre (probably a bit further forward than Per, who made the Schoeps recording), and listening back to the recording I made, to my ears the sound was messed up the first few songs (muddy, though this improves, also the feedback others have mentioned). There wasn't a lack of bass, though I think a lot of this early on is Jason's rather than JPJ's. The sound engineer must have gradually brought this under control, as by "In My Time Of Dying" it sounds almost spot on. The O2 is a pretty horrible shed, sound wise, and I've made
  2. It's part of their official policy - extract below: I can now stop worrying about what to do with an unreleased version of this show :-) By the way, where's going to be the best place to see this in London?
  3. It's a fairly safe bet that if there was a record store there, it would have been on the ground floor, and the rehearsal room in the basement. Wikipedia (never 100% accurate, as any fool can edit it) states: Reason for my interest is that I'm showing a few friends around Soho later this week, and would like to be fairly certain. Also visiting the second Marquee on Wardour Street, where Zeppelin played their second UK gig, as well as some Jimi Hendrix sites in the area.
  4. Anyone know for definite whether it's 39 Gerrard Street, or no. 22, as this blog suggests? http://londonsmusiclandmarks.blogspot.com/...-rehearsal.html also: http://oldies.about.com/od/oldieshistory/a/august12.htm Everyone insists it's no. 39, but the basement for this site (Ronnie Scott's, till 1965) was quite large, and interviews with members of Zeppelin insist the rehearsal room was tiny. We are told the rehearsal was under a record store, so the questions are: -What was Ronnie Scott's site (no. 39) used for after 1965, and what business was at no. 22. Google searches
  5. Took a gentle stroll this afternoon from my flat in Bayswater, through Westbourne Grove, and ended up at Basing Street. It is on this site that Sarm Studios is located, also known as Island Studios. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Island_Studios Used extensively by Led Zeppelin in the early '70s, and probably most famous as the location where "Stairway To Heaven" was (mostly, see below) recorded and mixed. http://www.bebo.com/FlashBox.jsp?FlashBoxId=8046423741& I took a couple of photos, which are reproduced below, as the studio is bathed in sunlight in the late afternoon
  6. Wolfgangs Vault: I still can't understand how they get away with streaming all these shows. Is it me, or is the sound quality deliberately poor (eg low bitrate mp3) to try and stop people copying them? ============================================================ I completely agree that amateur live recordings should be free. As an active taper, I enjoy sharing shows on the internet, and am a contributor to archive.org, among other sites. However with Zeppelin, there still appear to be some specialist bootleg labels (all in Japan?) who persist in releasing new titles (and presumably a
  7. Linky (the archive is a completely legit source of live recordings for Bands That Allow Taping): http://www.archive.org/details/rhd2008-12-31.akg483.flac16 Disc 1 (05:12) 01-Trans Am (03:43) 02-Sneak Out (04:06) 03-Man On Fire (11:23) 04-Reptilian Blues (05:50) 05-One Night Stand (03:58) 06-Laughing in the Streets (08:10) 07-8th Wonder (01:46) 08-NYE Countdown Disc 2 (06:30) 01-Whole Lotta Love (04:44) 02-What is and What Should Never Be (06:35) 03-The Lemon Song (06:21) 04-Thank You (06:02) 05-Heartbreaker (03:33) 06-Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman) (05:02)
  8. I met him in the early '90s at a Zeppelin convention in London. He was super nice. Hope he's OK, you don't hear a lot about him recently.
  9. Quick question for those that were there last week - did you enjoy this track? I thought it was a bizarre, but impressive prog-rock outing.. Was it my imagination or were a couple of bars of "Kashmir" played during this performance? Or is Kashmir related to Fanfare in some way? Cheers Humbug
  10. No problem with Paddington; the area around The Edward should be fine. Also close to Hyde Park, which is worth a wander. If you're really worried, I'll take a stroll down there..I live in Queensway! Er..the hotel might not be the best! "A Warning Should Come With This Hotel" "YUCK.......Bedbugs!!!!!"
  11. G'day! Recommend you go and see Rose Hill Drive at the Islington Bar Academy on 4th December. They've been known to play Zep covers but are an awesome power trio in their own right. http://www.rosehilldrive.com/ Listen to live shows here: http://www.archive.org/details/RoseHillDrive Also worth checking out: Wichcraft at The Borderline 5th Dec (heavyish rock) http://www.myspace.com/witchcraftswe Red Star Rebels at the 100 Club 6 Dec (glam rock band) http://www.myspace.com/redstarrebels The Whybirds at the Watershed, Wimbledon 7 Dec (southern rock) http://www.m
  12. Thank you for the reply..I had a feeling that was part of the reason. I'm still surprised that after this long, that there's still unreleased material in the hands of collectors, and perhaps the original tapers. Perhaps this is because, as a whole, tapers do not like their recordings being bootlegged? Or are people purposely hoarding in order to trade with others? I have read that Mike Millard had a bad reaction when "Listen To This Eddie" was bootlegged. It has happened to me a couple of times, that shows I taped have been sold on ebay, and I reported the sellers. My philosophy
  13. I've spent countless hours reading about the role bootlegging labels have had in the past unearthing, and releasing (sometimes well, sometimes less than well, with incorrect information, edited shows, substandard remastering), etc While in 1988 the only way you could listen to live Led Zeppelin shows (besides TSRTS), was to shell out cash for LPs, CDs. Tape trading for free was possible, but with loss of generation. Since CD copying became cheap, I've always traded for LZ Cds (and later, DVDs), and am surprised people still pay large amounts of money for Led Zep boots, when you can trade
  14. At one time in the late '80s, I was really into LZ boots: (Apologies if I'm out of place posting these images): CDs: Rock & Roll, San Francisco 1 & 2, Jennings Farm Blues, Studio Daze, Over The Hills and Far Away Texas Pop, Stairway To Heaven, Best Of Tour '73 Vol 1&2, Stairway Sessions, More Than Soething Else LPs: In Through The Outtakes, BBC '71, Session Man vol 1&2, Blueberry Hill Bonzo's Birthday Party, Last Stand, Persistence
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