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  1. got you on MY mind- eric clapton
  2. I really love his Swinging London's look (late Yardbirds)... I really don't like his new white hair... He looks like M.Streep on The Devil Wears Prada!!!hihihihihiihih
  3. Tea For One.... the best Jimmy's solos is in that song! He's great..and so inspired in that solo! I wonder...what was he thinking about???
  4. I hope that they will not dubbing this movie here in Italy... France,Germany,Oland and many more countries use subtitles...but here not! I don't want to ear another Jimmy's voice...
  5. Your version of Kashmir is enchanting, Elettra!

  6. I want to recount you one thing that happened to me about one year ago... I was singing in a pub (I sing a lot of zepp's song) and I met a guy. This guy was walking, then he looked at me and start screaming: LED ZEPPELIN SHIT! LED ZEPPELIN SHIT! Ok...I was laughing... Next week, I was singing in another pub...I was smoking a cigarette in front of the door and the same guy was walking in that street. He looked at me again and he started screaming again: LED ZEPPELIN SHIT!LED ZEPPELIN SHIT! This time I told him : "What do you want from me??? They're not my parents! Please...leave me
  7. yeeeeahh!! I want to see it immedialy!! hiihih Jimmy he's sooo FASHION
  8. Hi to everybody!! Glad to see that lot of people likes great music!! I'm italian, and I don't speak english very well...but I will improve my english
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