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  1. Speaking of Sirius and Howard- he did a "tribute" to Bonzo Bonham earlier this week- talked about how he was the best and went on to show what he could do by comparing the earlier version of Levee to the official version. Then got in an argument about whether Peart was better than Bohnam- so on and so forth. They decided to settle it by having Lars Ulrich on the next day to make the official call. You can guess what the result was. Interesting stuff, especially for drummers.
  2. Regular Stern listener, so heard about it yesterday- just finished it up. Howard could have let him go on a bit in certain parts of the interview and Robert put him in his place as needed. You all can draw your own conclusions, but it was great to finally have some Zep representation on the show since Howard is such a big fan. I'd guess the whole interview will be out there soon. https://www.howardstern.com/show/2017/10/17/show-rundown-october-17-2017/
  3. Intriguing- LZ is mentioned in this article: http://screamermagazine.com/interviews/greta-van-fleet-like-everything-nothing-youve-heard/
  4. Would like to see what TTB would be like with John Mayer- ala Derek & the Dominoes?
  5. Funny- I was familiar with later Genesis and solo stuff, but then I found out what he was doing on the drums in the Seventies with older Genesis and Brand X- wow.
  6. Didn't see this posted anywhere (sorry if a repost)- not sure what to make of it? https://www.yahoo.com/music/phil-collins-plans-new-album-comeback-tour-165959275.html Last paragraph: Collins said he has convened a band that includes drummer Jason Bonham, the son of Led Zeppelin’s late John Bonham.
  7. Eric Clapton's Tribute To B.B. King Dead At Age 89 RIP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyiHc6bW0X8
  8. Yeah- Peart is another good question- as a drummer, I'd have a million. Hell, I'd never heard the man speak until the LZ DVD came out (I think that's where I first heard it). The book by his brother Mick is another good one (mentioned in other threads)...
  9. I read that in the book LZ-'75: The Lost Chronicles of Led Zeppelin's 1975 American Tour (chapter 24), and you're right- Mind Transplant was the other album- turns out he was actually playing along to them at 3am in his Riot House hotel room- hilarious.
  10. Alphonse Mouzon/Funky Snakefoot was the specific album I've read about him playing very loud in hotels. I've also read they used to listen to Little Feat at soundchecks, so maybe Richie Hayward was on his list (?)
  11. While I was familiar with him, I wasn't too interested until I happened upon Live at the Beacon which public TV was running. What really caught my attention wasn't really a blues tune- it's called "Mountain Time" with a really cool intro and outro. His bass player (since 2005 I guess), Carmine Rojas, has a hell of a resume as well. Anywho, check out Mountain Time- the guy can sing and play!
  12. Cool to look around the studio- wonder if some of that percussion stuff was Bonham's or it all belonged to the studio?
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