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    all things Zeppelin
  1. my favorite part on the album is the guitar solo on Fool in the rain,and yes the fills on all of my love(jimmy uses a telecaster with the 'b bender' on it) with im gonna crawl coming in 3rd .great album imo.
  2. yeah i was blown away when i saw page and plant play it live,and i have it on dvd.its awesome.i can only imagine what it must have been like being there in 77...thanks for sharing.nice post
  3. yes awesome song One of my favs.I jammed on the studio version for years until i got the SRTS cassttes ,then the albums(i have all LZ albums on vinyl),then the vhs ,now i have TSRTS on dvd....I love the live version,but TSRTS is the only one that i've heard ,besides when i seen the Page &Plant unledded show in Knoxville,TN.But that is a totally different version of the song,although i like it as well.man jimmy was smokin' that night....it's the only time i have got to see them live,as i was too young in the 70's....
  4. nice !I will be checking in on this thread to see the updates.
  5. from the article: "The band might be a good place to start because, well, they're the band. In general, band geeks are self-important and frequently out of tune. It's obvious to the rest of us, why not them? Led Zeppelin does not translate well to the trombone. In the BCS, you're either big time or you're not. In the land of dorkness, there's another distinction to be noted. If you're parading around at halftime don't get too full of yourself. You're in the band, chief, not a band. Act appropriately and stow that French horn in a safe place. Led Zeppelin thanks you. " Led Zeppelin thanks you .lol.but not laughing at the injury that was terrible.
  6. I think that LZ cannot be put into any one category.Which is a testament to their musical genius.Was Led Zep a jam band .yes.While most bands can be put into a category ,Zep was multidiminsional.Zep could jam ,play just like the album,improvise,or just do a totally different version of a song,or solo.etc.Zep was hard rock ,heavy metal ,rockabilly,country ,bluegrass,blues,jazz ,acid rock all rolled into one.and it sounded great!
  7. cool BLD.I use Audacity as well.I probably should have added that after my multieffects pedal I run through a 4 track with L-R out that runs into the soundcard,then I use audacity for multitracking.But the four track is just a pass through for electric.I use it for acoustic and vocals,and for Bass guitar I hook straight through the 4 track to get a clean bass sound.But yeah Audacity is a great freeware for jamming and getting song ideas recorded.
  8. sounds good.keep it up you are doing great .To get a clean sound on a pc I bought a sound card with left and right rca inputs.I then run out from my DOD multi effects pedal.Then I can switch from clean to distortion or flanger ,etc. you guys ever notice the sitar overdubs?Jimmy plays a Coral electric sitar on this one.
  9. wow.nice find.even has the bow solo !
  10. van halen pushed guitar playing to another level,imo.Just listen to "Unchained" cranked up to about 8. Eruption ,awesome.I think he ranks up there with Hendrix,Clapton,Iommi,and Page.They all added something musically to their instrument.Page is still the greatest guitarist of all time ,imho.Just check out the SRTS live version of "Since I've been loving you".I think Jimmy's playing on that track is technically as difficult as Eruption.ajmho.peace.
  11. I have an open mind ,but I havent heard many fresh ideas or anything that creative in a while .Shinedown is ok.Also the white stripes and puddle of mudd, saliva,nickel back.Led is still my personal fav though.I am big fan of music I just havent been exposed to any thing as powerful or creative as Zep.Since Nirvana things seem to be drying up,although Metallica's new album is ok.jmho.
  12. well i remember standing in the back seat in 78 playing air guitar to 'It's been along time been along time been a lonely lonely lonely time(rock n roll.i was 4) while my mom was driving the 70 chevelle heading home from the hair salon.Being a big kiss fan I thought the pack of ketchup would be cool to use for fake blood to act like Gene Simmons.while trying to open it I was squeezing it and it squirted all in my mom's new hair do.wasnt a fun time when i got home...fast forward 8 years and visiting my cousin and we go to his freinds house who has 2 trash bags full of some green grass looking stuff in his room with other friends around in a circle...several of what I now know are called bongs(and joints) were circulating. "Whole Lotta Love" was playing.After several big tokes and alot of coughing I woke up on the floor with everyone laughing at me .It seemed like hours but Whole Lotta Love was still playing.Zep has been my favorite band every since...good times )
  13. I've always thought it was seventeen as well.....
  14. yeah it does kind of sound like oh my tv. lol.but yes it is oh my Jesus.In My Time of Dying is on the Physical Graffiti album.Physical Graffiti is the sixth album by Zep.The recording sessions for Physical Graffiti initially took place in November 1973 at Headley Grange in East Hampshire, England. However, these sessions came to a halt quickly and the studio time was turned over to the band Bad Company, who used it to record songs for their forthcoming album, Straight Shooter. In an interview he gave in 1975, guitarist and album producer Jimmy Page explained the reason for this abrupt cessation of recording: It took a long time for this album mainly because when we originally went in to record it, John Paul Jones wasn't well and we had to cancel the time . . . everything got messed up. It took three months to sort the situation out. However, it later emerged that Jones had wanted to quit the band and take up a position as choirmaster at Winchester Cathedral. Peter Grant urged caution, suggesting that Jones was overwrought from the incessant touring and should take a rest from Zeppelin for a few weeks. Jones changed his mind and sessions resumed at Headley Grange after the Christmas holidays. "In My Time of Dying" clocks in at 11 minutes 5 seconds .Physical Graffiti is also the only Led Zeppelin album to feature bassist/keyboardist John Paul Jones playing additional guitar on some tracks.
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