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  1. Hi, Page! Just checking in to say hello. I've been gone for a while from the forum. But now am back. Hope to see you soon, too!

  2. No problem Page! :D Just make sure you check it out sometime! It's just freakin' awesome! Cheers! :D

  3. No, my bad, I was asking you if it was. Sorry, Kiwi, I dunno if it's going to be available on DVD. I'm so sorry! D=

  4. Wow! It is?! Gosh! I never knew! In that case, I think I better buy the DVD! :D It will be worth every penny! :D

  5. Thanks! I took a bit of break from the forum as well, to have more time to work on moving. ^^

    It does sound awesome! It's coming out on DVD, right? =)

  6. Hi Page! Congrats on moving to a new home! :D I'm doing great! Took a rather brief hiatus from the forum but I'm back! :) I just had to tell you about that documentary! It is just too good to pass up! :D

  7. Hi Kiwi! I'm doing good; I moved to a new home. How are you? ^^

    That documentary sounds really good; I'll have to check it out soon. Thanks!

  8. Hi Page! :D How are you? Be sure to catch this really awesome documentary going by the name "Seven Ages of Rock". It talks about the origins of rock from the year 1965 and even talks about bands like Zep, The Who, Pink Floyd, etc. I believe there are 6 episodes and I've seen 2 so far! Very interesting stuff indeed! :D

  9. Kiwi, I'm a big AC/DC fan myself, so I can say this: although I love Brian Johnson, between him and Bon Scott, I love Bon more, and I think Bon was the better of the two. I think the majority of the band's best material was made with Bon. As for Dave Evans, I don't really care for him whatsoever. Just my opinion.
  10. Found 18 45's over the weekend, too lazy to post their names.
  11. The DVD should be out in January 2011, FYI. On another note, there's a new book out called AC/DC High Voltage Rock'n'Roll: The Ultimate Illustrated History that looks pretty good. I might get it for Christmas. Anyway, they're just awesome; I love the album High Voltage.
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