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  1. Thank you for the tip! I think I'll start checking out albums from the Bon Scott era first! B)

    Kiwi, I'm a big AC/DC fan myself, so I can say this: although I love Brian Johnson, between him and Bon Scott, I love Bon more, and I think Bon was the better of the two. I think the majority of the band's best material was made with Bon. As for Dave Evans, I don't really care for him whatsoever. Just my opinion. :D

  2. never was a fan til i got the "let there be rock" video tape a long time ago...........awesome concert footage.......made me a fan immediatly...........really love Bon Scott and the whole act was great back then

    wish it would come out on dvd but i've never seen it.....maybe someone else knows

    The DVD should be out in January 2011, FYI. :D

    On another note, there's a new book out called AC/DC High Voltage Rock'n'Roll: The Ultimate Illustrated History that looks pretty good. I might get it for Christmas.

    Anyway, they're just awesome; I love the album High Voltage. :D

  3. Really? I figured the ranking this one received would drop into the negatives. I've never been anti-Yoko but some friends of mine did use this song to empty a pizza parlour in Greenville, NC way back when Kiss Kiss Kiss first came out.

    Yeah! I love Double Fantasy, and I do kind of respect Yoko's work. I don't know why everyone seems to hate on her.

    ^ 8.5 A very funky tune! Loved it! :D

    ^7.5 I kind of wish Blind Faith had released another album.

  4. I am so proud of myself for purchasing this in CD format (the bonus track version!)! :wub: BLIND FAITH!!!!!! B)

    This album is a must have for any music collection! :wub:


    Fantastic that's for sure! True, the album cover is a bit explicit but it's all about the music and not the album cover! B)

    My mom really freaked out when I brought this album home today! LOL! :lol:

    Truly one of the best blues rock album I've listened to in a while! Beautiful! :wub:

    A bit about the album (courtesy of itunes) :

    Blind Faith's first and last album, more than 30 years old and counting, remains one of the jewels of the Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, and Ginger Baker catalogs, despite the crash-and-burn history of the band itself, which scarcely lasted six months. As much a follow-up to Traffic's self-titled second album as it is to Cream's final output, it merges the soulful blues of the former with the heavy riffing and outsized song lengths of the latter for a very compelling sound unique to this band.

    I've got that one on vinyl, too, but it's with the "clean" album cover. :rolleyes:

    I found 1984 by Van Halen and The Madcap Laughs by Syd Barrett, both on vinyl. I'm really excited about the Barrett album! :D

    Also, found Shake It Up by the Cars on cassette.

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