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  1. I'm far from those rebellious adolescent years, but surprisingly everything in my closet, not just Converses, is still all-black
  2. My little contribution for the forums:
  3. I can barely see the road from the heat comin' off of it

  4. Holidays are over, and tomorrow it is time to leave family, friends, girlfriends and the most beautiful hometown behind, and go studying
  5. Same situation At the moment, there is nothing worse than snow.
  6. Thank you, aeonblue

  7. When the bus shows up the moment you light a cigaret.
  8. Listen to some sixties, it can never end bad. it can only make you find yourself surprised. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJadhEtFUV4
  9. They may be big and may be good, but I've always disliked them..Hope I'm not the only one here
  10. yes, commercials are catchy - but not that much as Lady Gaga
  11. Delinha, this is great! I personally like it very much. Looks simple, but it is great.
  12. Kaleidoscope, Incredible String Band and Forest. the. best.
  13. happy birthday

  14. steady buzzing of the cicadas in Dubrovnik. best music for my ears
  15. Oh... Whatever Nothing can be changed in the way I feel Good luck with the Jamaican woman; I am in love with my snowhite-like girlfriend
  16. Croatian bands? Now you got me interested, what bands? --- W.A.S.P. - Budapest, a month ago. And I left my soul somewhere in Hungary
  17. Scorpions - Prague, March 15th probably some tributes in the meantime
  18. Tristan


    It's winter now, beer is out of my option for a while.
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