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  1. Happening this Saturday at the hallowed Royal Albert Hall - includes fantastic Page image by the superb Jill Furmanovsky from '75: http://www.theprintbank.com/ For a great cause too...
  2. Has anyone else had an issue with the sleeves from the Deluxe triple CD version? The first two discs both have the same sleeve (the one that features the image Apollo astronaut top right) - I assume this is a mistake and one of the discs should feature the other sleeve (with the body builder top right)?
  3. Does anyone else feel generally underwhelmed by these releases? I was going with it with 'I' (with the whole Paris gig on there) and certain parts of 'II' and 'III' were very interesting, but the fourth album and 'Houses of the Holy' seemed generally a bit redundant. The Sunset Sound mixes seem pointless to me - overall just not as good versions of the tracks we all know and love. On HOTH without listening to the originals plus the bonus ones back to back I found it hard to figure out what the difference was, and don't really care either. This sort of thing comes alive when we really get to hear the process of creating the songs - I have listened to the clean drum tracks from ITTOD loads more than any of the bonus discs - and I guarantee these won't be included on that Deluxe Edition when it appears later this year (probably). When the Stones did 'One Plus One' (minus the Godard political posturing) and showed on camera the development of a track in the studio it was fascinating and a real insight into how a band works. These Zeppelin ones feel shy, coy and a little sneak glimpse behind the curtain, rather than throwing it wide open and hearing early versions of tracks/demos etc. There has been a long mooted Classic Albums doco on the fourth album but I bet that will never happen either - the idea of Page playing split tracks of the music clean a la Meatloaf with Todd Rundgren's motorbike/guitar solo on the 'Bat Out Of Hell' programme is enticing, but will never happen. It's a real shame as they must have tons of this material but seem content to put out near replicas of the songs in many cases, rather than really revealing the process of creation, which just makes it feel a bit of a cheat. If I was a casual fan I would feel completely ripped off. Of course, I will buy them all...
  4. It's interesting with the trailer that they seem to have cropped the image to 2.35:1 ratio - they would have shot HD @ 16:9 and have apparently made the decision to go with a wider image (so in essence losing some of the original image top and bottom of frame to achieve this). They also seem to have utilised audience footage as per the 2003 DVD - the 4:3 grainy shots included look handheld. Anyone out there supply the band with their footage?
  5. 3'43" into 'I'm Gonna Crawl' - beautiful solo but there's some weird thump that goes on at this point
  6. http://www.gigwise.com/news/63617/Trent-Reznors-Girl-With-The-Dragon-Tattoo-Trailer-Released
  7. I agree that the two Earls Court shows are the most enjoyable of what is out there officially or not, showing the band at their absolute height (before the fall). It's amazing to me that a band so notoriously camera/TV shy should be so well represented with official and unofficial footage - from Denmark 1968/pretty much a whole gig from 1970/1973 (TSRTS)/2+ entire gigs from 1975/1 from 1977/2 from 1979 + all the other endless clips and excerpts. The Earls Court footage would (as has been said) shot on 2" videotape (the standard of PAL video in the 1970's - giving way to 1" and then digital formats in the 1990's onwards). As has been mentioned, the problem with these big old tapes is how well they fare over many years (video wise that is, they would have audio splits to mix from - hence why the 2003 DVD has 5.1 capability in many cases). This would be a pretty major restoration job - but doable. You're also dealing with an analogue format which would then have to go through a digital intermediate process (ie. scanned digitally and then restored) - lots of time, pots of cash and an end result that may not live up to what they would be happy with. It is also all shot in 4:3 ratio - the standard at the time, so any 16:9 versions would entail cropping the image top and bottom and then re-racking the footage to ensure you didn't lose heads/feet etc - all fiddly and not desirable as you effectively lose 25% (approx.) of the picture image. It will be interesting to see if they re-release the 2003 DVD on Blu-ray what they do with the ratios (in my opinion they should leave them alone and don't crop/stretch etc). The Albert Hall and TSRTS footage were shot on film - the former 16mm, the latter 35mm - hence why picture quality is that much better (if a little grainy on RAH). Personally, I think that they won't ever release a full gig for perfection reasons: the whole point of the band in their heyday was the pushing of the performance and trying new ideas/improvising etc - not all of which came off. I think they would stay away from any kind of warts and all release. Of course the O2 was shot on loads of HD cameras (16 or 17 I believe) and could come out looking absolutely immaculate once any audio problems were sorted (feedback in the opening numbers etc). They really should do this as it's superb, if only for the charitable benefit...
  8. Personally (and this is complete conjecture) I reckon Jimmy has a musical project on the go and is getting this ready to release - he has said as much in more than one interview ('new music in 2010' etc). I think the delay in the book is to tie in with this release and make a big splash - the fact he has also launched an official website (albeit just a holding page at the moment) ties in with this also. Let's see what the next few weeks bring...
  9. I know it's a small and fairly irrelavant point, but why on this official site has the hyphen in the LED ZEPPELIN logo disappeared? It's been on this version of their logo since the release of HOTH in 1973 (and TSRTS in 1976). I'd like to officially start the campaign for the return of the hyphen...
  10. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Art-Classic-Rock-Memorabilia-Merchandise/dp/1847960073/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1281344453&sr=1-1 Whole chapter on Zeppelin with some good reproductions of posters/hanbills etc
  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00qfzbw
  12. Point taken, I'll backtrack on this, although clearly Robert is the one who doesn't want to progress with the band any further - and I think he's right, much as it pains me to say. Steve A. Jones is correct when he says this is all nostalgia - it ended in 1980.
  13. Reply to allbettsareoff - I was very privileged to have been at the O2 that evening and had waited 27 years for them to do this. The evening and the experience was jaw-droppingly brilliant from start to end - my point is that Jimmy's playing in particular didn't reach the stellar perfection of their heyday and this may be a factor in not releasing it. Listen to SIBLY or Stairway and tell me the solos are as good? The band's quality bar is set very, very high (which is why we love them) and anything substandard won't cut it. That's why we'll probably never see official releases of Seattle '77 or complete Earl's Court/Knebworth gigs.
  14. I can't think they'll put out the gig on DVD or Blu-ray - reasons being: 1. the performance was good, but not great - and, as we know, they're not a band to put anything out that is in any way substandard (which is one of the very many reasons I love them) 2. Page's playing is not great - much as I revere him. He's fine on the big riffs but when he is exposed (the solos on both 'Since I've Been Loving You' and 'Stairway' as examples) it's painfully clear he doesn't have the skills of 30 years ago, a shame to say this but it's true 3. Plant singing - obviously some controversy here regarding keys etc, I think it's all pretty good with some tweaking, but clearly a concern for him in various interviews he has given and are mentioned here 4. why allow all the YouTube and similar sites to run unchecked? When the clips first went up there (the day after the gig) I believe they were removed by an over zealous legal department but then allowed to be put back up. If the band were that precious about it they would get it all yanked down (a la any Prince footage on YouTube and the like) I would love to see an official DVD/Blu-ray of it but can't see this happening. Page will want to do it, I would think, but would have to have all permissions from all members, and Plant - as we know - will probably not budge on this one. The event was the event, one night only, 'one last great gig' (Plant, Uncut Magazine) - the bootlegs (audio and video) are the band's gift to the world (making no money themselves from these). Best someone can do is get hold of the best audio source and all the available video and produce a multi-camera version and put this out. Who has the time/resources to do this?
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