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  1. well 2 mebers of the who almost left 2 start a band with page, it was John Entwistle and Keith Moon, the name ledzeppelin actuly came frum a coment made by eather Entwistle or Moon (it was sumthing like this bad would go down like a led zeppelin)
  2. i love the stones, and even if you arenot a "fane" of the stons you have 2 respect them, rock wouldent be the way it is without the stones but zep is still better
  3. thats such a hard qeston but fore some reason i really like this Dazed and Confused that gose on fore 30 minets and it has bits and peaces of other songs in it
  4. i dont think iv heard 2 zep live recordings that were exacly the same, thay alwas seam to mess with songs live. i have red that when zep was still the new yardbirds that thay would go on stage and just jam alot of blues rifs and elvis songs, i think that the fact that thay started just "jamming" stuf on stage is why thar live songs are so much diffrent frum the recordings. (it sometims seams that thay made up the changes as thay went)
  5. i have 1 that made me hate 2days genoraton even more then i alredy do my brother lissons to lil wayne and in one of the songs he was lisining two lil wayne compared himself to ledzeppelin, i was born in the wrong generaton populer music 2day is puthetic
  6. im a huge Who fane, i saw them when thay were in NJ. I think its really cool that John Entwistle and Keith Moon almost left the Who to join a band with Jimmy Page because Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey were alwas fighting. and in one of the jams with Page one of them sed if thay sated a band it would "go down like a LedZeppelin" i dont no witch one sed it i cant find a stedy ancer, but thats how Zep got thare name
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