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  1. z1inspector

    Photos of the starship (Zep plane) or the band aboard it

    Fans who could afford to follow them around like that is what i understand!
  2. love to see / hear about anything re: BOTH PLANES they used ! ive seen the video with jonsey clowning around & a few pics of the band standing ouside by the wing & boarding , even one t think of it taxiing ? ANY MORE? their got to be pics of whats left of them now,heard 1 was in the junk yard! id love to have the tail (think it had a "swan song" painted on it !?)
  3. z1inspector

    Baltimore Feb. 16, 1969 (Backstage)

    Mr.Sam webmaster sir....as i go fingering threw the forum , i find it more joyfull than any Zep book so far , however ...... u know the best part of any book is the pictures! When will we be able to see the pictures posted by our club mates???
  4. z1inspector

    Clapton and Page

    I gota say im with you re' most everything esp all in all Page not being perfect but WINS top spot in my book also for being my favorite & by a long shot too! He even beats out Hendrix Because to me in the end Page can shred as well as be technical if needed BUT thats a lil boring to him , he wants to try and experiment to create JIMMY PAGE CAN COMPOSE ! END OF SUBJECT !!!! ANYWAY like i said im with u on Pagey but like u seem to agree RITCIE BLACKMORE is still a force of his own, (thatswhy his name will always be here ! JUST been trying to locate that article re' Jimmy mentioning Blackmore , i love that he complemented him, i think Ritchie deserves it and would appreciate it comming from Jimmy, can u help me locate it... becoming a huge thing to confirm this for myself, please help i need more than 81 Circus, think brother think of more clues, PLEASE , anybody?
  5. ANYONE got any info of this "FIRST EVER" POST ZEP live getogether? info ! pictures ! ANYTHING! i had heard of this moment in time while in highschool , but it seems to have fallen through the cracks of time! you never even hear of it even happening! just trying to put the event in the timeline in my head! hard to do without a picture of them sO early in the 80s on stage together !
  6. z1inspector

    Clapton and Page

    I really like how jimmy aknowledged Plant by geting back to bussiness & being excelent after a rough show & robert giving him a brotherly peck on his forehead.... STANDBY.......(i kinda got a lil something in my eye😥)
  7. z1inspector

    Clapton and Page

    Woe! REALLY ??? Amazing , yea me niether! Circus mag 81' ? GOT To find this!
  8. z1inspector

    Led Zeppelin's Aircraft: The Only Way to Fly!

    Wish i could see the news clip.or even the pics , what gives? DOESNT ANY1 KNOW WHO I AM ? lol,lol , (Steven A Jones once commented on MY POST!!! (sadly it was a request to STOP "droping" his name & that he doesnt remember me 🤤!)
  9. z1inspector

    Jimmy, me & Brian May

    Where were these taken for them to be together at that date, and who are you to be there also and why didn't anyone asked me to join??
  10. z1inspector

    Rare backstage photos

    Mr. Sam webmaster can you help ? Why can't some pictures be seen at a later date for example of like NOW? I click and nothing happens it's awful
  11. z1inspector

    Clapton and Page

  12. z1inspector

    Thefts of recordings from Jimmy Page's home...

    Barlow ,Barlow....... was he the drummer for Jethro Tull? or ? didnt Plant also utilize him on some solo material?
  13. z1inspector

    manic nirvana

    I do NOT agree with S.Jones on this one , I Remember the joy the happyness, we loved it , parts of Nervanna threw us back to HOTH days ! aaàaaW sO GOOD!
  14. z1inspector

    Cozy Powell joins Led Zeppelin (Rare pics)

    WOE! THIS IS AMAZING STUFF!!!! A moment of time i never happend, how wonderfull! Thank u for these!
  15. z1inspector

    Sixes and Sevens

    I agree & then i believe BLUNTs overdue recognition will follow! I clearly remember The music they created was in the ear of local bands up in Wisconsin somewhere when we went there as I was a teenager for a relative's wedding. The reception was next to a connected bar and the bands there were playing alternative music. They didn't even know who's Zeppelin was, so I suggested some Robert Plant , they knew all about his current music. I got both bands to play at least one song off of shaken and stirred well actually I wanted them to play Slow dancer however some of the members didn't know how to play it. Anyway he should be proud of his stuff from back then and we should continue to speak up, that's all I got
  16. z1inspector

    Sixes and Sevens

    One more thing I believe it sooner or later he's going to be acknowledged for his contributions to the 80s experimental music it was amazing stuff and I wish he would visit some of that stuff nowadays. I mean it's not going to be forgotten forever , eventually the truth will be known he was pretty special those Years also! I just hope he's around for it, amen
  17. z1inspector

    Sixes and Sevens

    Sixes and sevens and pink and black to me were incredible and he was definitely current the man was on top of his game confused or not. The music was current experimental fresh and original
  18. z1inspector


    Well he left THAT very special harmonica on I think Sonnyboy's ?gravestone one night a few years ago. Played it a a little bit then set it down and walked away...... Returned Back to who he snagged it from when he was young the rightful owner, how fitting! In MHO That little story should be part of rock and roll's Music History !
  19. Well Steve ...i started the post in 2013 & got YOU & the a few other of the BIG DOGS (Super Dave,2007,dased,disco etc...) when it comes to LEDZEPPELIN.COM involved on a good mystery. & im assuming mick's thoughts (in the above mentioned book) on the night should wrap this one up! THANKS guys for your input & im glad my "enthusiasm" was contagious and I still feel the same way about our boys! And thank you ALL for allowing me to feel part of the inside group of members that comes up with some good questions at least (ive learned alot) & I feel validated guys thank you. Z Javaid BTW Lately ive been finding myself thirsty just tryin to find ANYthing positive JPJ & Plant related & JPJ & Page related . Esp post the unledded confusion , it just feels good to hear about them & their mutual respect for each other. Cuz when it comes down to it as I grow older and wiser I've learned and I'm sure most of the rest of our club has discovered how much John Paul Jones is such a big part of the Zeppelin sound and groove. Quite possibly more than the other two I must admit, if anything he is definitely equal, and was Led Zeppelin's secret weapon the fourth member that actually made Led Zeppelin untouchable. I guess that's what my next post will be about= the three of them getting along and acknowledging John Paul Jones! Love to shake his hand!
  20. z1inspector

    LZ's 50th Anniversary not a happy one everyone.

    His early solo stuff ( from "Pictures through Manic") holds its own just fine!
  21. z1inspector

    LZ's 50th Anniversary not a happy one everyone.

    No ! He doesn't feel he is bigger than the mighty Zep! U saying that shows> you just don't know Robert! However I've yet to read the new interview because it doesn't come up ? I still haven't read it, so I really shouldn't comment because I haven't got all the recent information.
  22. z1inspector

    LZ's 50th Anniversary not a happy one everyone.

    It wont take me to the interview it says page not found someone help anyone thank you
  23. z1inspector

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    What about diabetes type 2, they live live long????????
  24. z1inspector

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    Idk.....i always enjoy what other famos.people have to say about Zep, maybe most of you have heard every1s opinion, but to me its fresh & new info thats not as easy to find. I'm aware there's a topic on here for it but that's a lot of reading
  25. z1inspector

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    IN RETROSPECT: BOTTOM LINE We were LUCKY the 3 were still around AND felt healthy enough to DO IT. It NEEDED to happen to wrap things up for them on a positive note. It happend & it happend even better than my imagination could come up with. Plants voice throttled up almost beyond belief. Of course we would LOVE more shows &/or material & none of them ever said they would refuse ever getting together in the future. HOWEVER: If i could ask from them ONE more REALISTIC thing: It would be to do a SPECIAL TREET for the hardcore fans: small live show(s) of ONLY DEEPER CUTS ! No Stairway ,no Black dog etc... instead do: out on the tiles, custard pie,dyer maker, the rover,in the light etc... its even not impossible that some additional new creativity could generate! Amen!