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  1. For some reason 1973 is the least played boots I listen too. I listen to The Song Remains The Same all the time, but the rest of the shows, I don't know, I never play much outside of the Southampton show. Any suggestions on what 73 tour shows to listen too to pick songs? The 1980 tour is a great idea as well. Great idea folks!
  2. I just read Aerosmith - Walk This Way. Really funny read. It's amazing how Aerosmith in their very early days had run ins with Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page stole Steven Tyler’s girlfriend in like 1969. He said that is the only time he's ever cried over Led Zeppelin... "But Jimmy Page was such a motherfucker on stage that I couldn't hold it against him." What a good sport!
  3. Just watched The Song Remains the Same - LA Forum 1977 on youtube. Ahh, after that amazing display he definitely does not need two bass drums. I'm a clown. I have the DVD and never caught that clip. That is just plain awesomeness. I wonder why they never played it as a standard song in their setlist? At the O2 show it looks like Jason is using a double bass pedal. I guess I will have to research. Very cool!
  4. Hi Steve, I agree with your statement. But they did have Mr. Tyler audition/jam with them fairly recently with the Zep boys. That had to make Mr. Perry uncomfortable. Maybe they were jamming just for fun and the media made more of it than what it really was.
  5. Was "Good Times Bad times" done in the studio with two bass drums? I find a song as moving as this was not a regular standard number played live in it's entirely in their early concerts.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkvc05n9bLY
  7. Here’s a wild one. Given the latest news with Aerosmith having recording sessions without Joe Perry present, what do you think of Jimmy Page filling in? Almost like an Aero Zeppelin? Wow strange doesn’t Nirvana have a song called that? The only reason I think that is Jimmy Page (the master) and Joe Perry (the apprentice) play very similarly and have the same influences. Its been said Steven Tyler has some sessions with some of the Zep boys. The video with Steven Tyler singing whole Lotta Love sounded awesome. Any thoughts?
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