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  1. I'm reeeeeally hoping things work out for me this time around. I definitely know what you mean about changing the opening tour date, though.
  2. This young Padawan has come a long way...
  3. Haha, that would definitely be a blow to this poor college kid's meager pocketbook, but I'll be on the lookout and keep my hopes up!
  4. I can't believe it...You forgot it. White Stripes. Death Letter. Duh.
  5. I'm glad! Tripper and I tried for about an hour with no luck. I'll just have to keep an eye on it and hope something turns up :-) It really is, and I think it will definitely be amazing to see Robert there. It's not quite big enough to lose that intimacy, so it should be great. I really hope that I get lucky and will be joining you guys there!
  6. The true question is, did anyone actually manage to get tickets to the Louisville show?
  7. I had typed out a long rant in response to stonefreelee, but I won't perpetuate this tactless discussion further. I truly hate to hear this news (same goes for Brad Renfro). My roommate (Tripper) found the news article first, told me, and I didn't believe her for quite some time. Heath was such a gifted individual, and he will be greatly missed.
  8. It would be very cool, as it would be a rematch of Super Bowl XXXI (the one that turned a ten-year-old girl from Indiana into a cheese head). Packers came out on top by 14 and everyone finally learned how to pronounce "Favre" Though a rematch would definitely, my absolute hatred for the Patriots doesn't want to see them get that far...So, here's to hoping for a meeting between the Packers and the Chargers on the big day!
  9. You're in for an excellent show! I've seen him twice, the first time in a smallish theater and the second in festival mode at Crossroads this past summer. Either is a great way to see him...he's amazing no matter what the setting! Haha, the first time I saw him, about two years ago, he just kind of wandered off-stage in the middle of a song and showed up in the balcony to finish it off He's a feisty little guy and I adore him!
  10. Haha, and Radiohead and the like. Maybe the thread should be retitled to "The Best Bands That Are A Little Bit Closer To Being Contemporary Than Zeppelin, Etc."
  11. Love Animals, and I'm pretty much an Atom Heart Mother geek
  12. Didn't know that! God, I haven't heard that song in so long...I guess it's fair to say that Eric lost the duel that time
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