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  1. This young Padawan has come a long way...
  2. I can't believe it...You forgot it. White Stripes. Death Letter. Duh.
  3. You're in for an excellent show! I've seen him twice, the first time in a smallish theater and the second in festival mode at Crossroads this past summer. Either is a great way to see him...he's amazing no matter what the setting! Haha, the first time I saw him, about two years ago, he just kind of wandered off-stage in the middle of a song and showed up in the balcony to finish it off He's a feisty little guy and I adore him!
  4. OH! Have you seen him before? He's so much fun! So, hopefully I'll be seeing Band of Horses at the end of this month. After I get the MCAT out of the way...Well, if I even survive
  5. That you most definitely were. Actually, I think I was up until two my time, which is not normal for me at all! Tomorrow!!!!!!! I saw Josephus yesterday for a bit...Bastard's tan.

  6. I'm just gonna go ahead and apologize...profusely...

  7. 'S OK...I still love you! And I am losing my mind, but it's not due to excessive amounts of alcohol...It's because of studying. It's making me a bipolar madwoman. I'm crazy and slaphappy on minute and a crazy bitch the next...This is bad. Very bad, since I've got a month and a couple weeks to go :-o

  8. You fail, because I was thinking of Jason Touch and our bubble-wrapped shirts...RAAAAARGH!!

  9. Shhhhh!

    Shhhhhhd'youwanna knowa sekrit? Wow, I have NO IDEA where that came from...Bedtime!

  10. I'm sure there is a lot to read! There are lots of little bugs out there, haha. I haven't had anything micro-related for well over a year. I miss it, as it is very interesting to me. Best of luck with your studies!

  11. Booooo, sactater!!!! You're not here...oh wait, you just walked in...I'm gonna go do some PChem now like the geek that I am. Sadness...

  12. I really have no idea...I think things just got hectic with school and I weaned myself away for a while. Yeah, I'm a dork...

  13. I swear, I think this is my favorite picture of the two of them. Ever. Good call!
  14. Mona! There's my fellow Pythonite! How've you been?

  15. Hey! I've got a friend studying microbiology as well. I'm a biochemistry type myself...

  16. Hey, everybody loves molecular orbital theory! Right?

  17. Hey now! ...Actually, I probably should have been expecting that one
  18. Do you realize that you were almost member #444?


  19. SSSSHHHHHHH!!!! Don't be telling all my secrets! Seriously, though. The only book I touch right now is PChem, really. And at this moment my paper writing is going absolutely nowhere. I'm the bum! :'(
  20. I know, I know. I guess I really did disappear for a lot longer than I think. I think things just slowed down around here for me for a while, and then things got really hectic with school and it seemed like I always had my nose in a textbook. I know that's no excuse for not dropping by to say hello. I did pop my head in from time to time, but I was just so overwhelmed with trying to catch up that I left pretty quickly So anyway, shame one me, but I'm here now!
  21. Excellent news on the uni stuff! I'll have to start studying for my medical school admissions exam very soon (when this semester finishes up), so I'm not particularly looking forward to that. But, I've moved from home onto campus, love being close to my friends, am trying to misbehave when I'm not too stressed out , my two sisters have both had sweet little boys in the past year, and I'm teaching in and working in a couple of chemistry labs. So things are going pretty well, I'd say. I'm so excited to see you here!
  22. Hi there, darling!!! How could I forget?! How've you been?
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