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  1. Absolutely overdue. I've read - don't know if it's true - that Rick Wakeman said he is not going to attend the ceremony because it should have been done when Chris Squire was still alive. I agree with him; the honor would have meant a lot to Chris. It's sad those snobs waited too long. Jann Wenner is said to hate prog but Yes are beyond such petty classifications.
  2. I went to a talk by Carl Palmer back in 2013 and he mentioned that only he and Bonham (amongst rock drummers, I assume he meant) used stainless steel drums. Apparently you have to be a very precise player to use that kind: it gives a very clean, snappy sound and it's unforgiving of sloppiness. I'm not a drummer, so I'm not familiar with the specifications of their gear and whatnot. But perhaps that's part of what gave Bonham his distinctive sound? That and POWER!
  3. Oh my gosh, Strider absolutely beautiful. Viva California! Thanks to the person upthread reminding me: tickets for the Carole King musical Beautiful go on sale today in my neck o' the woods. Must see. I listened to the audiobook of her autobiography (narrated by Ms. King herself) and loved it. She's a genius and an American treasure.
  4. Robert's shirt! Referring to Kim Fowley ...ewww. He was such a creep.
  5. It was a bad shock. I knew he was scheduled to/possibly already had surgery for intestinal problems, but he'd had that at least twice before and recovered. He was in the hospital since October, often in a medically-induced coma, and yet no one outside of his inner circle knew. Hard to believe he's gone; Glenn was such a vital character.
  6. A fan has collated the remarks on Chris' passing from his fellow Yes men, past and present, as well as other musicians who were his friends and/or admired him: www.bondegezou.co.uk/wncs.htm
  7. Shocked and saddened to learn of Chris Squire's passing. What an immense talent, as a bassist, composer and singer. R.I.P. Fish, thank you for the decades of great music P.S. Thanks to Cletus the slack-jawed yokel for posting the 1975 video above - amazing stuff. It shall remain an enduring mystery of the universe: Squire was reportedly "only" six feet tall, but he always looked much bigger, as if he could swat airplanes out of the sky with one of his enormous hands, no problem.
  8. I had a few experiences of sleep paralysis/night terrors when I was a young lass, 14 and 15 years old. It was terrifying, it felt like a possession or assault. I think it's due to stress? I also started getting panic attacks at 15, that's from accumulated stress too. Ahh life and how it can suck...
  9. Strider, did you get to see Shirley McClaine and Sophia Loren?
  10. Thanks to Buk for mentioning Awaken by Yes - that is a true epic. It's the "Love to Love You Baby" of prog-rock; there are so many climactic moments in the piece you lose count. The Doors were very handy with epics too: Light My Fire, When the Music's Over, The End.
  11. "Oh, True Love" by the Everlys. It is to sigh... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_DtteP17Nk
  12. Hey Julie! Have you been to any of the recent Eagles shows in Australia? Speaking of eagles, if I were the camera person in the photo Wally posted, I wouldn't stand directly under a large bird.
  13. And a genius producer. I love these latest interviews where he's talking about the musical construction of Kashmir and depth of field: https://www.yahoo.com/music/led-zeppelins-jimmy-page-readies-physical-111324020781.html
  14. Yes, I splurged and got floor seats, so it's one extreme to another. Christine is a brilliant songwriter. I have a lot of admiration for Lindsay B. too, he's an amazing guitarist, quite underrated. Kudos to his stamina as well, the man is 65 and doesn't leave the stage for 3 hours.
  15. Fleetwood Mac! I just saw them in December but I was way up in the nose bleed seats and at such a bad angle that I couldn't even see the giant video screens. I'm so thrilled that Christine McVie is back. Apparently, many people agree - the band's management has reported that ticket sales are way up, into Eagles-like territory.
  16. Chocolate-covered peanuts. My needs are simple
  17. I hated rap when I was a young fuddy duddy too, I don't think it's an age thing.
  18. Randy looks great. I'd be interested to peruse his book. Incidentally, was I the only person in the world who didn't know he's a Mormon?!
  19. Henley and Frey have denied that they were the ones who started the $100+ ticket price thang. Speaking of exorbitant ticket prices, here's an ad for the show Mr. Lucky Plantpothead saw:
  20. Before Strider posts the "I hate the Eagles" clip from The Big Lebowski, lemme just say: mucho respect to this band. Love the hair-raising harmonies, love the brilliant songwriting. I finally saw the History of the Eagles documentary about 2 months ago, and it changed me from a "hey, great band" person to a collect-every-bootleg, buy-every-book obsessive Eagles geek. Thank you to Pagemeister for posting the 60 Minutes interview. I'd heard of it but hadn't seen it. Gracias. P.S. That must be an Australian version of "60 Minutes" - U.S. network tv doesn't show nekkid people.
  21. I didn't even know iTunes had a cloud. I tried to download the album many times but the frustration was driving me mental so I had to stop.
  22. Lenny Kravitz "Are You Gonna Go My Way" = rip of :Song Remains the Same" Brilliant topic, Osoz!
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