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  1. Hi Pagettes!! I'm glad I belong to this forum!! I'm also a Pagette, I was born in 1984 and I looooooooooooove Jimmy Page, since my childhood I've been listening to Led Zep music because of my dad, and I love it!! I'm from Barcelona and I wished they did a world tour when they reunited, but sadly they didn't... I want to see them!!!!!! Thanks for sharing the pics!! and stories and everything!! I have to add my pics, I've got a lot!! also I have a site devoted to Jimmy but I don't know if I can make publicity here on it :S have a nice day!! Elia btw how do you manage to have a pro
  2. Hi people!! I'm new here, I'm 24 and I love Led Zeppelin since my childhood!! I'm from Spain and my dad gave me good musical taste, lol!! Well, I have a tatto in my ancle, my name in elfin, also I want to make a Led Zeppelin Tatoo and the One Ring as well. For the Zeppelin tatto I don't know if I want the pic of the group from Rose Palace 1969 (the one of Jimmy in front of the others with his hand opened as saying "come with me" or the angel of swan songs records, and also I will have the "SoZo" symbol. I don't know when I'll have it, cause my friend has to do the drawings and I sent it to h
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