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  1. Yes and those fossil fuel-powered plants are sooooooooooo much better for that pristine country-side and the organisms that inhabit it.
  2. I was at FYI today (music store in the US, not sure if its in Europe) to buy Raising Sand and was amazed to find a used copy of Mighty Rearranger for $4! I don't, for the life of me, understand why so many LZ fans cannot appreciate Robert's post-LZ work because he has come out with some great stuff and he always goes in a somewhat new direction yet has that awesome bluesy feel. When I think of all those LZ fans who can't get into Robert's solo material, including the poor sap who returned my new CD, I feel bad for them.
  3. I couldn't agree less with that. Michael Jackson contributed way more to humanitarian causes than John Lennon. John Lennon was more of a political activist than a humanitarian. Lennon was important in raising consciousness for tolerance, peace, etc. - he did a couple concerts voicing his disagreement with the Vietnam War, helped organize and obtain the release of John Sinclair from Prison, and his "Give Peace A Chance" became an anthem in the anti-Vietnam war movement. But if you're talking about humanitarianism rather than political activism, compared to all Michael Jackson did for kids and t
  4. Michael knew the value of great guitar players - Lukather, Stevens, Van Halen, Batten, and Slash. Since many of those players cite Jimmy Page as an influence, so I don't think its too far a jump to assume Michael probably had respect for Jimmy as well. I'd be interested if anyone had any details on if any of them ever met one another or if Michael ever said anything about them or vice versa.
  5. 1. ...to you a mixed CD is a Led Zeppelin compilation album. 2. ...you have it in you to kill somebody for saying "Neil Peart is the greatest drummer of all time." 3. ...despite being born seven years after they broke up, you know more about Led Zeppelin than your father who lived through their existence as a band. 4. ...you can sing not just the lyrics but also the chords for any Led Zeppelin song. 5. ...you cross out letters in a word just so that it remotely resembles something to do with Led Zeppelin. 6. ...you named a tree in your yard after Percy just so everytime you lo
  6. I'm sorry you feel it's pointless. I've been thinking a lot about it and the effect it had on the band, especially Robert. I always felt that reflection and analysis were positive. You know? It intrigues me to think about how things happened, not just that they happened. History is pretty boring, I think, if you reduce it to a series of events instead of contemplating how things happened - their causes, effects - you know, their significance. I'm confused about the chronology of events you just put forward. I was under the impression that Presence came out in March of 1976 and six months or
  7. That might be true and if the latter is true, good. However just because a small portion of the French population keeps a gun at home, doesn't necessarily mean that you have a smaller proportion of criminals than anywhere else. Even if you did have a smaller proportion of criminals per populus, it doesn't mean gun ownership had anything to do with it. Criminal amount might not be based on gun ownership. Maybe gun ownership or lack thereof is based on criminal amount or lackthereof. Or the two could be completely unrelated. What it comes down to, at least for me, though is: Even if what you
  8. Martin Bashir is a jerk. I know the dude has pituitary tumor and while I don't wish any ill on him, he furthered his career by betraying Michael's trust and editing his documentary to make Michael out to be a creep and only correcting himself once Michael died to appease Michael's friends, fans and his own critics.
  9. I don't know if this has ever been posed before and as abstract as I think it is, I kind of wouldn't be surprised if it had given the extent and intensity of Led Zeppelin's fan base. Anyway here it goes. A couple of nights ago I had this weird dream. It was in the third person and it didn't involve me making it even weirder. In this dream I saw Robert's car crash in 1975, which, as many diehard fans may know, severely injured him and is credited for playing a role in inspiring he and Jimmy to write the masterpiece "Achilles Last Stand" (along with his travels in Africa with Jimmy Page). an
  10. Actually, John Lennon's famous Jesus Christ comment was specifically parodied much earlier in this thread. See Page 2 of this thread, specifically Post 36 by Moonmaid. I read through the whole discussion hoping nobody else caught onto it so I could discreetly praise it... only to have my hopes dashed in the last 2 posts of a 14 page discussion when its brought up by somebody who misinterpreted a post with similar wording! Curses! Not a complete loss however, being as there were many good, thought-provoking posts that shared and articulated sentiments, both mine and others, that I was abl
  11. After reading that article from The Sun, I just had to laugh. Robert Plant has said on numerous occasions that his concerns about Led Zeppelin's legacy, besides his respect for John Bonham and his fear of being stereotyped as a hard rock frontman, are mainly why he isn't keen to do another reunion, much less tour. So naturally AEG intends to call him up and ask him what he thinks about getting back together with the boys to alternate the role of Michael Jackson's replacement with ABBA at the O2 in order to bail out some recording company. I would love to just watch Robert take that pho
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