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  1. I met JPJ at the House of Blues while he was touring for the Zooma album in 2000. His performance was stunning. You can't imagine how talented JPJ is until you see him take the "spotlight" and do his magic. It makes you realize that the reason Zep was so great was because of the extreme talent each individual possessed. As he walked out onto the stage, you could hear a pin drop (that's how quiet the room became). Before he could speak into the mic to say "hello, good evening" , I yelled out "John Paul your the fuckin' MAN!!!" and the crowd went nuts. Everyone knew what they were about to witness was special, rare and a one time chance to see a true master of an instrument or should I say instruments...Throughout the show he played his famous triple neck acoustic from the Zep era (Ten Years Gone) 4,6, and 8 string bass, pedal steel guitar, slide guitar, synthesizers and mandolin. He did versions of No Quarter, When the Levee Breaks, Black Dog which he used the slide guitar to mimick the words of the song, as his band played the main riff. It was inbelievable. I was determined to meet him along with my brother and three friends. We sat outside the House of Blues after the show for a good 3 hours and the crowd of about 100 people started to get anxious. Out of nowhere the door opened and out came JPJ with a small group of people. He politely signed autographs, guitars, memorabilia, posters, etc etc. He was very kind, soft spoken and a pure gentleman. I took a few pics with him and I simply said to him,"great show John Paul, that was fabulaous and the solo album is tremendous as well, great to see you out here again". As I asked him to sign a copy of my ZOSO magazine. He took a second look and said, "where did you get this from...? god, how old was I in this picture." I replied, "That is a pic from 75' before a show in Chicago"..He look amazed when he saw the pic. After signing a few more things, he slipped into the darkness unrecognized. But we knew what had just taken place and exactly who that guy was....!
  2. I believe the best way to go would be to call it something different than Led Zeppelin yet maybe related to a phrase or something relevant of the past (associated) if they ever did another album together. Not to say that thay are not confident and capable enough to write great material, but I believe they would let Zeppelin be what it was and call it something else , so not to tamper with a spectacular catalouge of music. The album would have to be incredible for them to want to consider adding it to the legacy name. I think Plant in general would suggest a new name, and direction, and it would be wise. I'm sure it would also be a phenomenal album. we'll just have to see, right.
  3. Carouselambra is an awsome tune, I love the middle section with the two dragging chords going back and forth...completely different, adventurous and unexpected. How can you not at least like this album. People expect too much sometimes from great bands. No, it's not Zep 2 or 4 but it's still good music. In the Evening, Fool in the Rain, Carouselambra, All my Love......great songs!! I don't get all these cats putting down this album...It was simply different
  4. Why did you hate that album, because they were moving in a different direction, as they did with the third album!!!!
  5. I read in an article (Rolling Stone or MOJO) that he wanted to play all the solos similar to the originals just so he can show people that he can actually remember them and play them after hearing people ask him for years why he never played the solos from the albums. So he's basically just taking a new approach and honestly, it's a different world we live in. Peoples attention spans or far less than they were back in the day, so he was smart about doing that...think about it
  6. Yes this is Jimmy Page...I have this album...this is the Lucifer Rising score done by Page that was never used...
  7. I have been a huge Zep fan for 20 years now (since I was 14). I have listened and studied them through song, books, etc etc. I would be willing to bet that the "really intense number" that Zeppelin will perform (which they have never done live) will either be "Four Sticks" or "Wearing and Tearing". Plant did a version of "Four Sticks" with the Strange Sensation that was killer and at Knebworth 1990 Plant invited Page onstage to do "Wearing and Tearing" which was also killer. To me, one of these songs are the most likely canidate. What do you think????
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