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    Music of many types, fiction and non-fiction books, guitars, comics, guitars, black & white plus Technicolor movies, guitars, comedy, cartoons, intelligent(?)discourse, MEGOS, guitars, history in general, and for variety, guitars...=:o)

  1. I wonder if some version of "Fire" will end up on the ITTOD release...
  2. I found it interesting that Jack had a very Led Zeppelin 1 Tele tone...good call on his part!
  3. I really hope that they re-release everything on vinyl!
  4. Hope that you had a very Happy Birthday, Jimmy!
  5. Great interview, thanks for sharing!
  6. Could not agree more! I completely appreciate what we ARE getting...25 years ago I would have killed for the Zeppelin goodies we have been getting the last 11 years (DVD segment and How The West Was Won, etc.)
  7. Pre-ordered Zep 1in the super deluxe format, and I may change and get the other 2 in that format if the prices drop...looking very, very forward to this! I've heard the Olympia on YouTube, but am eagerly awaiting how the official release will sound.
  8. So far, nothing new listed on Amazon in the US...
  9. Really looking forward to the vinyl reissues...as they SHOULD be heard in that format!
  10. Check out The Page & Plant Rio show from '96, especially SIBLY!
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