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  1. Alright, so the way it works is you ask a random question that you don't know the answer to. Something random about Zep that you're too lazy to look up but always wondered. Then somebody replies and posts their own question if they have one. Ask anything. My question is: Who plays the organ in the song "Your time is gonna Come?
  2. Yes, Stairway to Heaven was recorded in Headley Grange in Hampshire, in December of 1970.
  3. Wow, that one took me along time. Boogie with Stu IBTLSSW
  4. The Ocean, love that song I T S R T S
  5. I wrote a song, well, parts of a song. I'm ready to throw some lyrics in there, I all ready got the guitar down. So...how do I do it? How do I write lyrics? It seems everytime I try I sound like a bad attempt at being the Foo Fighters. Any advice or tips, techniques, ect. are much appreciated. Thanks
  6. I say "Sure nuff' they do". But I guess only god knows. Yep, god. All four of them.
  7. I have a small shrine in my room dedicated to them. I've had dreams of jamming with them. I Can't fall asleep at night inless I listen to stairway first. I wake up everyday to Whole lotta Love. I have over 20 Zeppelin ringtones on my phone. I can't remember the last time I went a day without listening to them. Closing my eyes, lying on my bed, and blasting Kashmir is a daily routine, one that which takes me off to my own exotic land of happyness. Can't go a day without sharing my Zeppelin knowledge with others. The longest book I've ever read cover-to-cover is "Whole lotta Zeppelin". I have a zeppelin flag on my wall thats been torn apart and repaired several times that my dads friend gave to me(He's had it since the late 70's).(See picture below) Anytime someone has a question about Zeppelin or an Arguement they come too me, even those who lived in the times of their touring. I honestly belive if I right "ZoSo" on my hand it makes me play guitar better. I had a cat named Zeppelin, A cat named Bonzo, and a Cat named Page. My "Scene" card for the movie theaters name on it is "Jimmy Page" People at my school nicknamed me Jimmy, because thats the fake name I give to substitutes, and because of my love for him. My "Lucky guitar Pick" became lucky when I burnt it infront of an old Record of Led Zeppelin IV, well listening to Stairway and praying to Zeppelin. All of this is true
  8. Thats actually amazing. And talking about Zep dreams I had one not to long ago where Page and Percy showed up on my doorstep for my birthday(which is next friday). And they decided to stay for a couple days(they also happened to be the 70's version of themselves) but they thought I was an annoying kid, intill one day they heard me playing my guitar and we rocked out for a bit and then they asked me to come on tour with them. Sadly, I never got to go on tour because my dumb alarm clock decided to go off shortly after that.
  9. 1. John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) 2. Neil Peart (Rush) 3. Keith Moon (The Who) Thats litteraly my 3 favorite bands right there! Though Bonzo may have passed on, his spirit lives on in our hearts. R.I.P.
  10. Wow, it took so long to get the guitar, I forgot about this topic! Sorry about that, anyways I decided to spring for the plus top. Plays real nice, nice rich tone. Its deffenintly a good guitar, although its only gonna be about a year intill I get the Gibson. (: Thanks for the help!
  11. Well done. You got my vote! Good luck!
  12. Music was dominated by garbage in the 90's I would say. It makes it hard for people with a good taste in music to start bands and get known. I dunno, I just can't see anything good about the popular music today. I would give anything to be alive in the 70's.
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