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  1. Now that Rock Band 3 will have a "Pro Mode" where you can actually play a real guitar with the game, maybe Zeppelin is not so far off from being in Rock Band. The game will now teach you how to play real instruments.
  2. I was at the show and it was awesome! I really hope they release something in the next few years of not just the performance but some behind the scenes footage before and after the show.
  3. You will see, it will happen. The fans around the world deserve to see it. And to see just how stellar Jason Bonham's performance was. At the end of the show Robert, John Paul, and Jimmy all bowed to Jason for his performance. It was the best show I have ever seen.
  4. I was at the show and would love to have it on DVD as well. It was amazing!!
  5. The songs on GH really do sound bad, I agree. However, Rock Band really makes every song sound really awesome. They are doing things the right way for the music industry. No cutting corners at all. They would do LZ proud. The music would not be shorted or distorted.
  6. I was there and so where the cameras. There has to be a DVD and it must be coming soon. Led Zeppelin was filmed with boom cameras etc. No other bands had it, what a show!
  7. What a great piece! I feel exactly the same way. Awesome reply!
  8. It's funny, cause when I am driving somewhere and Zep is on the radio. I find myself either singing or tapping my dashboard to Bohnam's drum beats. I'm sure I am not the only one. This gaming just adds another thing for us rock and roll fans. Now we dont have to just sing on our way to work, we can get our family together and spend time enjoying music.
  9. The highly successful Rock Band video game has announced a network that will allow record companies and bands to create tracks for purchase and play on the game. The word is that Zep is not keen on loaning out their masters to someone else. Now they wont have too. Every time my family comes over, my mom and aunt always ask me, "do they have any Zeppelin yet?" I am not a musician, just a fan. The closest I will ever get to feeling the "stage" is through Rock Band. I hope my favorite band in the world will understand that there are millions of dedicated fans just like myself. I will post
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