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  1. thanks to this site i found a song called Jennings Farm Blues, and aside from Boogie Chillen its my fav improv that Zep did. im curious, is it in the same tuning as the studio version? or is it a different tuning?
  2. White Summer? no actually i found a power tab on UG. i didn't want to go through the trouble of learning the song note for note so i simplified the notes and chords and stuff and watched the royal albert hall version a bunch of times and picked stuff out that i thought would sound good... and it worked. i played it in front of my family at a family reunion. there was like over 50 people there. and they were amazed by my version of it haha
  3. ImaDoctor

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    he stares into your soul! heres some i took with the VLC media player while watching Royal Albert Hall (fav zep concert)
  4. ImaDoctor

    Pet Peeves

    going through a drivethru and they put 1 meal (a burger and fry) in one giant bag that could hold at least 2 meals. guitar players that are worse than me that try to criticize me. super cocky people teachers that base your grade off of your behavior. one time, i was in biology class and my teacher lowered my grade from an A to a D for throwing a pencil at a friend of mine.... radio stations that play the same 10 songs everyday. radio stations that dont play enough zeppelin gangsta rap people that try to dress like gangsters and act "hip" todays popular music 100 degree whether with a broken AC... ive been goin through this for like 2 days now i could go on..haha
  5. omg i know the person who did that video like he said he was part of vanderbilly. btw i dont mean to advertise other sites if its not allowed but they have some great zeppelin tutorials. anyways. back on topic, i learned this song awhile ago and it was fun to play and it impressed the people i played it in front of. of course my right hand hated me but it was worth it. and when u do that try white summer... that will keep u occupied for a long time. i did my own rendition of the Royal Albert Hall version and its such a blast to play. you will learn patience when u try this song haha.
  6. try looking at brands such as ESP or epiphone or something. i use esp, yea they have quite a few metal guitars but u can find some that aren't so "metal". if u go with epiphone i would recommend something like the lp standard, something that isn't beginner status.
  7. u can also see that he breaks a string during Trampled Underfoot in 75. plus 12 strings are more susceptible to string breaks because of all the tension and how thin the e strings are
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