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  1. I don't know why I can't upload a pic anymore..I feel like it's been since the new/update site..
  2. Okay ladies, let's talk hair for a second! I am LOVING my 'Wave Artist' by BEDHEAD, and just had to share.. I have pin straight hair, with a medium texture, not a lot of frizz...I have been growing out a pixie for about a year and my length is now too long to use a flat iron to get curl or texture. A friend told me about this gadget, and I am hooked! It's about $25 US dollars and so easy to use. Note: it's important that your hair is completely dry before using, and you must use a heat protection spray to prevent frying your hair. Okay, that's enough 'blogging'...hope everyone is well and happy. Peace
  3. Hello IpMan, Music is the universal language, yes? Politics, etc aside...thank you for this post. My Dad shared with me just this weekend a FB message highlighting the 60's with Don McLean's 'American Pie' which brought me to tears, and here I am again, crying. Simpler times. peace
  4. Son of a bitch. I am really having a hard time with the death of Prince. I deal with death and dying every day, you'd think by now I'd get the hang of it.. you know what it is...his music reminds me of simpler times in my own life, and that those times are long over. I blasted 'Purple Rain' on route 146 from Worcester to the Rhode Island border today as if it were 1985 again. Felt good. Thank you, Prince Rogers Nelson. I love you and will miss you. Someone needs to get him a star **NOW**
  5. Happy Anniversary to Mr and Mrs ebk!! Many more to you xo
  6. My indoor rower arrived today!! Just finished my first 5k on her. Makes me very very happy indeed..
  7. Seriously... RIP Mrs Reagan edited for the following: my grandmother was 'old guard' like Mrs Reagan. Regal, in every sense of the word. My grandmother was of Vassar, Class of '42. I don't expect all who reads this post to appreciate it, but I will thank you in advance for your respect.
  8. So glad you all had a nice time, Walter! But, really I'm not surprised, ebk is a delight...Mr Planted and I loved her company too! Im leaving for NYC in a few hours for business. See you all in a few days. L&R, K
  9. Thank you dear! It's scary looking at 50...but I think I got it!! xox
  10. Happy anniversary to Mr and Mrs Walter!! My daughter got to meet Nick Ut and Mark Edward Harris today in her photojournalism class..look em up, you will know their works..
  11. Thanks for the kind words, jabe. And your statement was beautifully put. I never meant to start another riff on the forum, just playing along like everyone else. And for the record, I am cool with both SAJ and IpMan's comments. You know who I've have the most trouble with on this forum? OTHER WOMEN, go figure. I am a married woman who is looking down the barrel at 50. Please. Rock on, brothers and sisters.
  12. 57 and sunny!! It's a wicked scorchah here! ;P
  13. A Saturday to myself!! Woot woot! And an unexpected and pleasant message from a fellow forum member. Thanks again!
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