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  1. In Minneapolis KQRS was our classic rock station, and they do play Led Zeppelin, but gone are the days when you could easily tune in and hear The Beatles, The Stones, Traffic, Cream or Hendrix. They insistently play Guns and Roses and AC/DC and a lot of the bands that, much to Robert Plants embarrassment, were influenced by Zeppelin but missed the point.
  2. Back in the late sixties - early seventies it was in vogue for male rock stars to wear feminine clothing ..... look at Keith Richards, David Bowie and others from the time. I think it looked better than what Plant wore at the O2 concert...I think that was rather, not in bad taste but, tasteless. It makes me long for the good old days when Roosters looked like Roosters instead of plain Janes. As for the sock, they got that look by wearing tight pants and no underwear.
  3. I think the Stones usually shot themselves in the foot when it came to reissues on cd and lp. Although not perfect, the Sticky Fingers Deluxe set was the first set they ever got right.
  4. Massive Rolling Stones Mono Box Set for Release New ABKCO collection will include band's discography from early Sixties through 1969 alongside compilation of singles and non-album songs The Rolling Stones in Mono Contents The Rolling Stones (U.K., 1964) 12 X 5 (1964) The Rolling Stones No. 2 (U.K., 1965) The Rolling Stones Now! (1965) Out of Our Heads (U.S., 1965) Out of Our Heads (U.K., 1965) December's Children (And Everybody's) (1965) Aftermath (U.K., 1966) Aftermath (U.S., 1966) Between the Buttons (UK, 1967) Flowers (1967) Their Satanic Majesties Request (1967) Beggar's Banquet (1968) Let it Bleed (1969) Stray Cats (2016) http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/rolling-stones-announce-massive-mono-box-set-w433790
  5. "If you're going to kick authority in the teeth, you might as well use two feet." Keith Richards
  6. The Who's "My Generation" I thought they were saying "Don't you knock my generation". I also thought they said; "They say cool is awful cold" and to this day I think that would fit better with bitching about old people because they do seem to think cool is awful cold. Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog" All I ask for all I pray, Skinny little woman gonna come my way. Clean up a woman come and hold my hand Tell me no lies, maybe you'll help me mend Steppenwolf's "The Pusher" Still sounds more like "And I'd kill him with my Bible then I'd raise the rent" more than it sounds like "I'd kill him with my Bible and my razor and my gun"
  7. The Stones are my all time favorite band, but in regards to the integrity of their later years, I have an idea for a cartoon much like the cartoons you see in the paper about politicians. Mick and Keith would be sitting around a camp fire like Billy and Wyatt at the end of the movie Easy Rider..... Keith says; "We did it man, we're rich." Mick says; "You know, Keith. We blew it." Keith says; "What do you mean?" Mick says: "We had it and we blew it."
  8. I probably hate rap as much as Keith, if not more, and so when making music I don't want to go anywhere near it. And if I hear something that reminds me of rap, it probably got to close to it.
  9. You can't trash rap enough, but Keith seems to be getting too close to it as when I was listening to Crosseyed Heart I started think about rap because Keith seemed too close to talking instead of singing.
  10. Gibson Vintage Reissue Pure Nickel, gauges: 10,13,17,26,36,46 or 11,14.18,30,42,50 depending on the guitar and the moment.
  11. "Live With Me" is the first thing that comes to mind. It's a great rock 'n' roll riff. Didn't Keith Play bass on "Sympathy For The Devil"? I heard some bootlegs where he played bass on "Sympathy" on the '75 tour but it sounded a little over the top.
  12. When comparing the legit Brussels Affair with the bootleg, the biggest disappointment is "Angie" because I always thought the version that was on the boot was the ultimate live version of the song. I remember reading, when Love You Live came out, Mick Jagger saying that he actually considered putting a version with Mick Taylor on from '73 on the album. I always wondered if that was the version. What I like about the '75 From The Vault is that the DVD and CD are two different shows so we get two in one and the Cd is the same concert I had on bootleg, but much better quality. The boot sounded like the guy recording it went to the bathroom during "Midnight Rambler" because the sound fades away and then comes back. If you haven't, pick up the Sticky Fingers Super Deluxe and the Marquee Club '71 From The Vault. Bob Clearmountains sound mix is great and you finally get "Jumpin' Jack Flash" and "Live With Me" on Get Yer Leeds Lungs Out. Clearmountaiin is so good, I wish they would have had him mix the original albums for the Sticky Fingers, Exile On Main Street, Some Girls, and even Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out Deluxe sets. They could include the original mixes but he's so good I wouldn't complain too much if they just used his.
  13. I think Brian Jones out shines Ron Wood also, especially on slide. I once got into a conversation on this site as to who really played slide on all those slide parts on Let It Bleed. I always thought it was really Ry Cooder but this other guy insisted it was Keith. Well, if it was Keith then he is one hell of a great slide player and I would the find it hard to understand why the Stones don't use his slide playing more instead of Ron Wood. As for the Stones in concert these days....I'm tired of the same old formula as to the song selection and the song order. They need to come up with some other songs for the openers and a tighter closer... I'm sick of hearing "Brown Sugar", "Jumpin'Jack Flash", "Satisfaction", or "Sympathy For The Devil" just go on and on. And yes, Keith isn't what he used to be, but there's nothing Ron Wood can do to help the situation. The more I get annoyed with the Stones present day situation the more I get annoyed with Woody. I hope there will be a Goats Head Soap Deluxe set. I see there is a Bootleg version out there. I've enjoyed the Stones a lot more in the last year, but that's just because of the stuff coming out of the vaults.
  14. Mick Taylor. I didn't go see the Stones this last time around. I decided to use that money to buy the Amazon exclusive of The Brussels Affair. As for Ron Wood, I don't think the guy can even play some of the simplest things that Taylor did. Two examples: 1. The main riff to "Bitch" (Wood just lets the horns do it), 2. The rhythm guitar riff on the Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! version of "Sympathy For The Devil". Taylor kicks ass, Wood just tickles it!
  15. I didn’t say anyone tried to deceive anyone. I just stated that it was different performances…..buyer beware. My guess is The Stones and those involved with their reissues don’t always know what exactly was issued in the past. That’s a guess. Until the From The Vault releases over the past year and the recent Sticky Fingers deluxe and Super Deluxe sets, the Stones reissues have had disappointing moments. When I heard the extra tracks from the Exile On Main Street and Some Girls Deluxe sets I dreaded the coming of a Sticky Fingers Deluxe set, but maybe the Stones learned something from those two earlier sets as the Sticky Fingers set has been as joy. As for old news, we are talking about the Stones. I don’t think we would be doing that so much without their past. As for the art of deception I just bought that Rolling Stone Magazine special on Keith. In it Buddy Guy talks about Keith giving him his Gibson. I may be mistaken but I think that guitar in Shine A Light was a similar guitar with the intent of fooling us into thinking it was Keith’s Gibson.
  16. I recently bought the Amazon exclusive of The Brussels Affair. The CDs were just thrown in the LP cover with no special holder. I caught them just in time before they went on the floor. Also, it is my understanding that this was recorded from two shows. This would explain why some of the songs are not the same performances that we have been listening to on our old bootlegs that were from the King Biscuit Flower Hour. For example on my bootleg,... Mick introduces (Heartbreaker) by saying “this one’s called Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo" while Keith has already started the intro……meanwhile on the legit (non-bootleg) version, Mick introduces it before the band starts playing. And “Angie” is also different because where Mick sings “Let me whisper in your ear Angie, Angie where will it lead us from here” he sings “where will it lead us from here” in a different language. Also, I’d say Taylor’s guitar solo isn’t quite as good on the legit version of "Angie". So hang on to your boots!
  17. http://www.rollingstones.com/2015/04/08/from-the-vault-the-marquee-live-in-1971-released-on-dvd-and-itunes/
  18. I got the 2 cd deluxe. The bad news is, you don't get the original picture that was on the back of the cover-------they just give you a duplicate of the front. After noticing this, I checked my other double cd sets and they did the same thing with the second and fourth albums. The good news is, the material on the companion disc is well worth having as is the case with the other four sets. With these Led Zeppelin sets it is the first time I've been pleased with all extras in a deluxe set. The Rolling Stones Deluxe sets of Exile On Main Street and Some Girls were the biggest disappointments to date.
  19. The Rolling Stones to release 1981 and 1975 concert films From The Vault The Rolling Stones are once again opening the doors of their archives, with Eagle Rock Entertainment, this time releasing From The Vault – Hampton Coliseum – Live In 1981 and From The Vault - LA Forum – Live In 1975. This is a simultaneous release on SD Blu-ray, DVD, DVD+2CD and DVD+3LP. The first release will be on 3 November 2014, From The Vault – Hampton Coliseum – Live In 1981 by The Rolling Stones. This is the first salvo of From The Vault, a new series of live concerts from The Rolling Stones archive which are getting their first official releases. This is a simultaneous release on SD Blu-ray, DVD, DVD+2CD and DVD+3LP [Cat Nos ERSBD3016, EREDV1052, EAGDV037, ERDVLP083] and boasts a full length 2½ hour concert of The Rolling Stones performing at their very best. The set includes ‘Under My Thumb’, ‘Let’s Spend The Night Together’, ‘Shattered’, ‘Beast Of Burden’, ‘Tumbling Dice’, ‘Miss You’, ‘Brown Sugar’, ‘Jumping Jack Flash’, ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ and many more. The Rolling Stones American Tour in 1981 was the most successful tour of that year taking a then record $50 million dollars in ticket sales. The tour was in support of the critically and commercially successful Tattoo You album. There were fifty dates on the tour which ran from Philadelphia at the end of September through to Hampton, Virginia on the 18th and 19th of December. The show on December 18th, which was also Keith Richards’ birthday, was the first ever music concert to be broadcast on television as a pay-per-view event. The footage has now been carefully restored and the sound has been newly mixed by Bob Clearmountain for this first official release of the show. TRACKLISTING: 1) Under My Thumb 2) When The Whip Comes Down 3) Let’s Spend The Night Together 4) Shattered 5) Neighbours 6) Black Limousine 7) Just My Imagination 8) Twenty Flight Rock 9) Going To A Go Go 10) Let Me Go 11) Time Is On My Side 12) Beast Of Burden 13) Waiting On A Friend 14) Let It Bleed 15) You Can’t Always Get What You Want 16) Band Introductions 17) Happy Birthday Keith 18) Little T & A 19) Tumbling Dice 20) She’s So Cold 21) Hang Fire 22) Miss You 23) Honky Tonk Women 24) Brown Sugar 25) Start Me Up 26) Jumping Jack Flash 27) (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction The Rolling Stones are a band like no other and with more amazing released on the series set to follow “From The Vault – Hampton Coliseum – Live In 1981” their fans are in for a treat. The Rolling Stones – Shattered (From The Vault – Hampton Coliseum – Live In 1981) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tj96Tau44OA On 17 November 2014, Eagle Rock Entertainment release From The Vault - LA Forum – Live In 1975 by the Rolling Stones. This is the second release From The Vault, which is a new series of live concerts from the Rolling Stones’ archive which are getting their first official releases. This is a simultaneous release on DVD, DVD+2CD and DVD+3LP [Cat Nos EREDV1053, EAGDV038, ERDVLP084]. This is a full length 2½ hour concert of the Rolling Stones performing at their very best. The set list includes ‘Honky Tonk Women’, ‘Gimme Shelter’, ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’, ‘Tumbling Dice’, ‘Brown Sugar’, ‘Midnight Rambler’, ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’, ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ and many more. The Rolling Stones’ “Tour Of The Americas ‘75” was the band’s first tour with new guitarist Ronnie Wood. Even before the dates started there were dramatic scenes in New York City at the official tour announcement when the band unexpectedly turned up on a flatbed truck to play “Brown Sugar”. After a couple of low key warm-up shows in Louisiana the tour took in 44 dates between the 3rd June and the 8th August 1975. They settled into the L.A. Forum for a five night stint from July 9th to 13th and this concert film features the show from July 12th. The footage has now been carefully restored and the sound has been newly mixed by Bob Clearmountain for this first official release of the show. TRACKLISTING: 1) Introduction* 2) Honky Tonk Women 3) All Down The Line 4) If You Can’t Rock Me / Get Off Of My Cloud 5) Star Star 6) Gimme Shelter 7) Ain’t Too Proud To Beg 8) You Gotta Move 9) You Can’t Always Get What You Want 10) Happy 11) Tumbling Dice 12) It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll 13) Band Intros* 14) Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)* 15) Fingerprint File 16) Angie 17) Wild Horses* 18) That’s Life* 19) Outta Space* 20) Brown Sugar 21) Midnight Rambler 22) Rip This Joint 23) Street Fighting Man 24) Jumpin’ Jack Flash 25) Sympathy For The Devil *Not available on LP The Rolling Stones are a band like no other and From The Vault – LA Forum – Live In 1975 shows just why; this is two and a half hours of the best musical entertainment available anywhere.
  20. It's not always as much as how well they play it as it is what they choose to play, such as what Ron plays on "Jumpin' Jack Flash", (the same thing over and over), give it a break. And in the case of his attempts at covering what Mick Taylor did in the past such as the solo on "Can't You Hear Me Knocking", Ron got a great tone but couldn't seem to find all the notes. On "Monkey Man" Woody comes off as a legend in his own mind as his doesn't do the original justice. And who did the slide on the Let It Bleed version anyway....was it Ry Cooder or Keith? Ron Wood has impressed me as not being able to play some very simple things such as the riff on "Bitch" and could he even play the rhythm part of the '69 tour version of "Sympathy For The Devil"? As for Keith these days, he is no longer Mr Cool.
  21. One thing I don't like about "Shine a Light" is that whenever they show a close-up of one of the musicians the sound of that instrument is then brought up in the mix. There is a certain phony aspect about the movie such as when Keith gives Buddy Guy his guitar at the end of "Champagne and Reefer", it's not Keith's main guitar (Gibson ES 355) it's a look alike. But the movie isn't as phony as The Stones At The Max. In At The Max, in addition bringing up the sound in the mix of the musician in the close-up, the close-ups were shot later and synced in.
  22. It's not so much having so high opinion as it is not having so low opinion that I'm offended when someone else does not have the same opinion. If I felt such a need as I've seen here to defend any of my favorite guitarist's, such as Keith Richards for example, I would be busier than the Rolling Stones legal team chasing down bootleg videos on YouTube, if you know what I mean.
  23. I've played with better guitarist's than Page. What of it? Are you thin skins sitting down? I've come up with ways of doing "In The Evening" and "Nobody's Fault But Mine" with a slight variation to that of Led Zeppelin's versions but still in the same style that I think is a harder sound than Jimmy's wang bar on the former and whatever the effect is he uses on the latter. Part of my trick is using a slide. OK, bring on the personal insults!
  24. Are you guys sitting down? I've got a real shocker for you! I've came across many Stones fans, some on this site, who do not like Ron Woods playing. And when someone compares his playing with Ry Cooder's...... Since you brought it up, I can out play Woodrow on any Stones song. And I can do it without making any stupid faces. But then, why couldn't I?
  25. What's next......comparing him with John Kennedy? Woody is no Ry Cooder. And The Faces sound is a lighter sound than the Stones, that is before Woody joined. If you're doing "Sway" and you have Mick Taylor on hand, let the man do his job.
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