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    Because of my older brother's influence I like rock music such us Led Zepp (of course), The Doors, Aeromith, Guns 'n Roses, Queen and so many more..<br />I'm 18 and I'm studying Languages 'cause I'd love to be a translator and travel around the world. <br />I also enjoy drawing (I'm quite good a that) and writing (not good at all, but at least I try).<br />I hope to make friends to share interests and learn more about the best band ever.
  1. I always fall asleep with the radio on and everytime I wake up around 6.00 am, All of my love is on . It's a great way to start the day. I`d only like to liten to other songs on the radio, where I live you can only hear the most wellknown songs on the radio
  2. Hey and welcome, too .. I'm also new here and I thought I knew a lot about the band but i was so wrong..sometimes I'm afraid to post something silly 'cause here there are people who know a lot!
  3. Thamar

    Where Are You?

    Argentina .. is there anyone from here, too? That'd be great to know
  4. I'm 18 and very new in the forum
  5. Oh, sorry to hear that. I've heard that universities are really expensive, here they're free but it's not the same 'cause we have many problems with education.. Maybe there're scholarships you can get, I don't know .. as long as you study what you want, the place won't matter, I guess. Have you registered in any other uni?
  6. I know!..I felt like knocking her out, too. But then I realize that she just said her opinion about my classmates's reaction, and maybe she was right. People sometimes is just like that. Nice to know there are also young people who have good taste on music as well!... Makes me feel I'm not that oldfashiones after all..
  7. The thing is that in this case it was posted in You Tube, of course you should ignore them because they can't show their face to actually say that without being ashamed of themselves ¬¬ But it's so annoying when it happens face to face. Two yeras ago, in our subject Music we had to talk about your favourite band/singer and make your classmates listen to one song. After finishing telling Led Zepp's history (I tried to be as consist as I could, which was impossible!) everyone was really amazed 'cause only few knew about them. I chose 'Babe, I'm gonna leave you' to listen in class and everyone go
  8. I go to University by van and a radio programme starts at 8.00 am which plays 'Rock & Roll' as the opening song. Although it's just for less than a minute I shout to the driver:'TURN IT UP, PLEASE, please, PLEASE!!'..as I've done it every morning for teh last four months (and everyone is still sleepy so they hate me for doing that), now he just does it before the programme even starts. ...it's the only way I can go in a good humor to classes...
  9. Haha so funny thread It wasn't to long ago so I must remember xD the computer was playing the album'The Wall', Pink Floyd .. very relaxing album gotta say haha
  10. Yes, you are right. They came in 1996 but back then I was 6 years old and didn't have a clue about Led xD. Didn't know about the last part, though! By the way, I'm a girl so it's 'bienvenida' thanks all the same!
  11. Hi everyone, this is a really nice forum. Sorry if i can't make myself clear, it's just that English isn't my mothertounge. This is my very first post and there's no need to say that Led is my favourite band which has marked my life in so many ways. Never been to a concert, I'm just 18. Never seen any member of the band. But still feel so close to it that it seems that every song was written for me. Don't wanna sound silly but it's just the way it is. Hope I can participate in this forum and get to know you more and the band too. About Robert's solo career, it's not so wellknown here in Ar
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