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    Neuquén, Argentina
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    Because of my older brother's influence I like rock music such us Led Zepp (of course), The Doors, Aeromith, Guns 'n Roses, Queen and so many more..<br />I'm 18 and I'm studying Languages 'cause I'd love to be a translator and travel around the world. <br />I also enjoy drawing (I'm quite good a that) and writing (not good at all, but at least I try).<br />I hope to make friends to share interests and learn more about the best band ever.
  1. Oh, sorry to hear that. I've heard that universities are really expensive, here they're free but it's not the same 'cause we have many problems with education.. Maybe there're scholarships you can get, I don't know .. as long as you study what you want, the place won't matter, I guess. Have you registered in any other uni?
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