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    music, movies, shopping, Chicago Cubs baseball, having fun with friends
  1. Fight of Your Life - Black Market Radio
  2. I got my fiancé this for his birthday. And it's not exactly heavy reading or anything but this is the last book that I bought for myself.
  3. I Want To Hold Your Hand - from the Across the Universe soundtrack
  4. It's very hot, and dry and did I mention hot. With humidity.. lots of it. *melts*
  5. Good for your son.. math was never my subject either. I was always hoping for it to be over, not trying to do more of it. Haha. I made an appointment to go look at wedding dresses tomorrow! This will be my first time trying any on so I'm kind of excited about that
  6. Having to deal with my grandma.. again. She won't admit that she has something wrong with her mind, and she's driving me crazy. She forgets how to use the phone and gets so confused on things. And then I get frustrated because she acts like nothing is wrong with her, so I end up saying stuff that I shouldn't.
  7. Excellent choice! Haha more randomness about me... I love to travel I'm afraid of lizards I've never flown I tried to choke another girl when I was 3 I love the smell of gardenias
  8. Yeah we really are! I think I know whose wedding that would be I'm the same with toenail polish Also, I'm addicted to flip flops.. I don't even know how many pairs I have
  9. That friend would be me We did have a great time. a few more random things about me.... I don't like peanut butter I'm addicted to caffeine I'd go crazy without music
  10. no problem I'm So Tired - The Beatles
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