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  1. There seems to be no shortage of rumors concerning if/when two or three of the original band will get a new album/tour going. What I want to know is...if the worst should happen, what chance is there of some public release of whatever they have been rehearsing? Will we ever get a full public acknowledgment from one of the original band members stating the tour/album is definitely one way or the other?
  2. The ride was awesome. The whole experience and surroundings built for it pumped you up - there were even tv screens showing concert footage. The ride was timed almost to perfection with the music. Until I rode this, I was deathly afraid of coasters, but I had to do it for Zep. Now the fear of coasters is gone. It was bloody awesome! The ride is still at the new "Freestyle Music Park", but sadly has been renamed. What bankrupted the park was being too high priced for a poorly managed, cramped park that had advertised many things that did not exist, incompetent employees and crammed wit
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