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  1. They're taken by Kevin Westenberg at GettyImages.com
  2. I think it was taken outside the Swan Song office on Kings Road.. I might be wrong though here's another one
  3. Wow Lola! Great posts! One of my favourites from the O2;
  4. Those are precious! Thank you so much for posting. If you dont mind me asking,what magazine is that from?
  5. I love those promo pics, he looks amazing in them! His hair..
  6. Harper's g-string is definitely heading South
  7. ^^ Wow. He's looking fantastic! Thanks for posting Henrik
  8. sfmbaby, you're a star! I've never seen that one before
  9. ^^ That picture's one of my faves too. Beautiful!
  10. Only 3 pages? This is an outrage!
  11. I love the punk genre! Especially all the subgenres that emerged (and still is) from it.. Same with New Wave. There are so many great bands that comes to mind apart from the ones mentioned above. Like The Birthday Party,The Cramps,Jesus & The Mary Chain,Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers, Mission of Burma ,The Fall,etc etc..
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