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  1. Aram

    Where Are You?

    Chile maybe I am the only one...
  2. Yeah... he's a great man too! This project will be perfect... I'm sure =)
  3. A man as fantastic as he must have very much for reporting... If he does an autobiography... I'm sure that I'll read it, it would be simply the history of the king's life... the master Jimmy Page a masterpiece
  4. Since i've been loving you... It's my favorite ballad... his intensity and emotion are incredible... simply the best! I voted for it
  5. I voted for The Lemon Song... it's a excellent blues rock... and the John's bass sounds brilliant! This song is obviously one of my favorites of Led Zeppelin...
  6. The Crooked Vultures? LOL! I'm sure that this project will be impressive!!! I admire John Paul Jones... and Dave Grohl is a great musician too... their combination will be simply awesome! but... the name is... funny? xD
  7. it's so beautiful!!! I wanna get his tattoo... it looks amazing!
  8. Obviously, I'm new =) I'm chilean and I don't know many english... but, I can understand the forum's system... I'm 17 years old and I play the bass since three years ago, and believe that I do it well... I dream with being better than John Paul Jones (and I know that I'll be better) emm... I don't know what to say.. ¡I love Led Zeppelin!, it's my favorite band... their songs are simply the best!! I hope to enjoy the forum with you... bye bye people!
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