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  1. On the subject of Amy Winehouse, I just have to ask why you people think it's so terrible that she's an "Alcoholic druggie," but that same thing is perfectly fine for other musicians. You do realize that most musicians - including our own dear Zeppelin - are or were alcoholics and drug addicts, don't you?

    Interesting compassion for someone exhibiting such socially unnacceptable behavior. And the analogy is so true.

    Surprisingly refreshing.

    Consistency is the key however.

  2. Although these concerts are available on bootleg, I'm hoping that the Zeppelin camp will move towards an official release with maximum sound quality, new photos, liner notes, etc.. And if there is also video of any of these concerts in this fault that would be obviously an incredible release.

    Hopefully we'll hear something

    Nice to be wishful, but it ain't gonna happen. :(

  3. Look at what Albini did to Nirvana. Nevermind sounded incredible thanks to Butch Vig. Cobain then decides to bring in Albini for the next record and it sounded like complete shit! What a huge mistake that was.

    I have a feeling it was Plants idea to bring in Albini, but Page should never have let that happen.

    Personally, I can't listen to WITC, primarily because of the vocals, they're just awful sounding to me.

    And yes, the songs sound 'much' better live.

    Major dissapointment.

    If you're talking about "In Utero", I think that sounds fine. Better than the mastering on Physical Graffiti, IMO.

    And as far as tunes from WIC sounding better live, maybe, but they played second fiddle to the Zeppelin numbers in concert in 1998. The sets could've done without them and I wouldn't have missed a thing.

  4. Wacko Jacko...or The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen...

    Robert Fripp is such an ordinary gentleman. Humble too.


    We might have never had John Bonham if not for Moonie's errant suggestion. That had to have disappointed Jimmy with his lead balloon remark. " I'll show you Keith!! I'll get the better drummer in Bonzo and show you what heights we can achieve! Ha! And for you Entwistle, I'll also find a better bassist and you can stay with that twit Pete! " Roger that!

  5. I stay in stealth mode most of the time too; what's the big deal? :huh: It's an available feature so why not use it? I use it on Facebook too.

    Come to think of it, maybe you girls are right. Stealth mode and hiding might be a great idea for message boards.

    Understanding all the stalking and such going on, I suppose that's a prudent option.

    I'm gonna hide now and try it.

    If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. :)

    So to speak. ;)

  6. Untill People in the Business actually Come Out and Condem these Alcholic Drug-Abuser Cretins then we are all going to have to watch their Antics on TV and in the Papers.

    You must long for the 80s BIGDAN. It's been done! Remember the old MTV commercials? :lol:



    Some more comedy,


  7. Sure it's hypocritical to downgrade Amy for her activities when other band's personel have been involved in far more heinous antics.

    The difference here is (crazed bands on the road) - The Doors, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, ALL these bands and musicians are GREAT MUSIC and Amy Winehouse's music SUCKS!!

    There's no hypocrisy there. I can't stand her music and that makes her antics all the more revolting! BLEEEEEEEECCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great thread. I hope to see more people getting their disgust out!

  8. No, it's not weird In the past when that function was on I DID have a few pests who did just that.

    Oh yeah.....I've got SO much to hide.

    Regardless I answered your question as to why I do.

    If it bothers you tough.


    Having people watch other's moves IS weird. And on a posting forum to feel some kind of threat or whatever to have the need to "hide" IS weird too.

    Does it bother me? No, but it IS a curiosity. And yes, you did answer me but the fascination still is there. It's just a message board for chrissakes! :lol:

    B) I guess sunglasses are needed by some, even at night. B)

  9. Sniper... :blink:

    Ok well the reason I "hide" is because the new board here has the function that "tells where you are" all the time. I just don't like people knowing where I am ALL the time. :P

    Plus I like to look and snoop at profiles anono.

    That's all.


    Yeah, being able to "fire away" without being "seen". As in your profile viewing anonymity. Do you really believe people watch your forum moves? That's weird for sure.

    I've just noticed posts by several members here and hardly, if ever, see them "online". I suppose if you have something to hide it's a good decoy of sorts. I promise I won't be watching your moves or any others for that matter. Who'd care?

    Then again, it is post 911. :rolleyes:

  10. More of a curiosity than a "Pet Peeve", but,

    Why do people choose to be "hidden", yet post while hiding?

    I guess it's about being a drive-by sniper, than just a reconnaissance scout.

    I'm still curious.

  11. Based on 30 years of words and actions from JP and Robert, it certainly isn't a stretch to assume that Robert was the driving force behind the breakup...regardless of the Press release.

    Since you include "assume", others may or may not feel that way, but it qualifies YOUR opinion on the matter and that makes it valid. You didn't say Robert WAS the driving force, but assumed.

    That's reasonable.

    And from another thread about Robert's assumed distancing,

    I don't want to rain on anybody's parade but I don't think the o2 performance is going to be officially released anytime soon. Obviously Jimmy, Robert, and JPJ would have to agree to release it and IMHO I just don't see Robert being onboard with it. Look at it this way...would Robert want to release, and immortalize, what is likely to be the last Zeppelin performance and while a great concert to many showcases his reduced vocal range and capacity? He's obviously going to want to release his best work recorded when Zep was at the peak of their playing ability and his vocal range was intact. That's pretty much what they did with their last DVD...compiled the best they had and put it out. Robert believes, and one would have to agree, that he sang Zeppelin best when he was a young man and that's where he wants to leave it and as much as I would like to see an O2 DVD, and new material, and a tour I understand his point.

    Why are you assuming it's Robert who is the one vetoing an official release of the concert? We have no idea what's behind their decision not to release it and it's pointless to speculate or point fingers with no concrete facts behind it.

    Look at davidscott's post again. He explains his feelings on the matter very clearly, even as disputed as it may be. He's also made an assumption and in other threads posters are speculating on reasons for Led Zeppelin's breakup and their reluctance to reform for ongoing tours etc. There's nothing wrong with wondering and posting opinions and as I see it, many are explained and qualified from one's own opinion!

  12. Hi ImPLANTed! :D I'm glad. I just hope (as Buck'EYE'doc' said), that nothing bad has happened to him. I PM'd him twice, no response. :( (This is not like him)

    Would you consider ZeppFanForever a man of honor? If so, maybe he's sticking to his guns and not returning to the forum and as such would not be able to answer his PM's.

    Try email.

  13. I don't remember precisely when he sold those rights, but it was circa '81-'83. He may have been cashing out in anticipation of his Spring 1983 divorce but I'm not going to get into that here.

    While it's true a full-fledged Led Zeppelin reunion at any time would stimulate back catalog sales, the big money to be made would come from touring.

    That would be right Steve, I see now. Unlike the old days where touring basically encouraged record sales as the main income producer for bands. No doubt it was Peter Grant's negotiating with promoters to get, what?, 90% of the gate for "Led Zeppelin".

  14. I think you meant death knell. laugh.gif Anyway, I wouldn't say he "needed" the money, I'd say he wanted it to launch his solo career at the height of New Wave music era.

    HaHa! It's a hybrid! ;)

    The worst of both worlds.


    And it looks like you somewhat qualify my choice of "needing" in that you say he "wanted it to launch his solo career...". So the extra funding might have been the reasoning. Hmmm.

    Still, no matter, no wonder he didn't seem to care for re-unions on a mass scale. No income from catalog sales!

  15. Robert Plant sold his rights to sales of the Led Zeppelin back catalog at the onset of his solo career circa 1981.

    Was that because he needed the money or was leaving Led Zeppelin in the past? Seems like a death nail to me. Or was it because he thought Zeppelin had no ongoing legacy? Strange indeed.

    I see it as an event that signaled "The Party's Over", for Robert anyway.

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