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    More of a curiosity than a "Pet Peeve", but, Why do people choose to be "hidden", yet post while hiding? I guess it's about being a drive-by sniper, than just a reconnaissance scout.
  2. In your intial post I quoted here below, you make your statement sound like fact. Then later you say "If". So there's a bit of an inconsistency. Then my post, And yours, I pointed out if the usage is not from an Afghanistan or Taliban source your point is moot. I stand by that. Many users don't even involve money when consuming drugs, especially cannabis(they grow their own), so there's NO WAY the Taliban profits from this aspect AT ALL! For you to say you NEVER make a moot point is egotistical like you can do NO wrong. By you saying what you did about dru
  3. I'd say only if you're consuming junk or weed from Afghanistan. Otherwise the point is moot. The US and their allies will run out of ammo before the enemy runs out of participants, the will, and their ideology. We are fighting an unwinnable war.
  4. I don't think this, holds a candle to much of the kookyness I've seen throughout this forum.
  5. This thread has evolved into an Oh Brother It's beyond hero worship and fanaticism. It's gone nutso.
  6. I'm still of the mind that I dislike the songs and the album. I'm about 50/50 on the post-Zeppelin material that's been put out by the 3 remaining members. I wasn't too keen on the other new material on No Quarter either, but loved the new arrangements of the old songs they did.
  7. On it's own, I can see that categorization. However, the show I saw of the 1998 tour had 3 songs from it and THE REST were ALL Zeppelin songs. So in THAT context, and seeing as how that WAS the current album by these guys, the music IS going to be compared and lumped together with LZ material. So in reality the tour WAS a nostalgic trip into past Zeppelin music and to separate these songs (as not sounding Led Zeppelin-like) from 80% of the setlist seems out of place. I don't really care for "Walking into Clarksdale" and thought the 3 songs were the weakest of the night, back in 1998.
  8. That's right Pete! Further progress from today, Feds to Stop Prosecuting Medical Marijuana Users Federal government won't prosecute medical marijuana users if they comply with state law By DEVLIN BARRETT Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON October 19, 2009 (AP) Pot-smoking patients or their sanctioned suppliers should not be targeted for federal prosecution in states that allow medical marijuana, prosecutors were told Monday in a new policy memo issued by the Justice Department. Under the policy spelled out in a three-page legal memo, federal prosecutors are being told it
  9. Black and White 3 Dog Night http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_and_White_(Three_Dog_Night_song)
  10. HaHa! I'm so used to getting pounded on the sand, I have to sprinkle 50 grains in my bed at night just to sleep! I either take the ferry or swim the channel instead of crossing the bridge though. For my teeth I use a brush and floss exclusively. HaHa!
  11. Southwestern Oahu actually. I've traveled extensively throughout the mainland and notice segregation, albeit voluntary, in much of the southern US. At least as far as neighborhoods and churches for instance. As far as the conditions in Birmingham, your sight might be improved if you use a flashlight. Expect alot of running though, since you'll probably be figured for a cop.
  12. Just go to any housing project in the inner cities of Birmingham, Nashville or Memphis and notice the light and shade proportions. The water fountains there are still segregated!
  13. How many generations are you willing to go back? Aren't we all brothers and sisters somewhere down the line? I'd be willing to bet even I'm related to at least one of them if we go back 100 generations or less seeing as how my lineage is English. 7 degrees of separation and all.
  14. Maybe because you're in Wisconsin. Try spending some time in the South, you'll see how much predjudice still exists. It's not unusual.
  15. Actually wave height has nothing to do with the definition of tsunami. A quick reference check will fill you in with more details but basically the waves we have here in Hawaii are surface generated by wind from distant storms. The succession of waves are called a swell and that can last hours or days. They "break" as in the intro to Hawaii 5-0 and then dissipate. A tsunami is formed generally undersea by an earthquake or landslide (above and below water level) and is energy that is unseen on the ocean surface in the open sea. These "waves" are extremely deep and only show when the ocea
  16. Not sure what my take on this is but I'm cue-ing up some Mama's and Papa's as I type. The music still sounds great. And by the way, I think I'll watch Chinatown later on and then visit there tomorrow for some sweet buns. All I know of John is his music. All I know of MacKenzie is her whackoness and I never liked her show are cared for Valerie Bertinelli Halen either.
  17. Of course they are. I think I explained the water activity and that it was no "wave" at all, just a quick rising of the water. We had 20 foot real waves last Friday, not tsunami's, and it's an awesome sight to behold. Pipeline was in rare shape for this early in the wave season. It was a swell generated by typhoon Choi-Wan that circled east of Japan and headed into the North Pacific. Strong winter storms there create our extraordinairy surf at places such as Pipeline, Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach. Best kine in the world brah! Shaka!
  18. Here in Hawaii we had a 2 foot tidal surge during the afternoon yesterday. Normally our tides only vary about 3 feet so the extra 2 was definately noticed around harbors, the reefs at deep channels and the shore. The Civil Defense people drove up and down the North Shore announcing "Don't go in the water!". It wasn't that bad but in this day and age of paranoia apparently any "threat" is treated with overfear. I was in the water and felt the surge and swirling being the adventure seeker that I am. There was no "wave" to it just a fast rise then slow recede of the extra-active tide. Haw
  19. Here, I'll quote you and address this. Quoting is fine and relevant when you actually use the quote in your own response. And you DO use it sometimes but not always. Don't change for anyone though, if you feel you want to change your style in any way do it because YOU want to. You can also quote a post then edit out stuff you're not going to directly respond to and your post will be more relevant to what you've quoted. And yes, I AM fine thanks! I just got home from bodysurfing a new sandbar that's formed on the northshore of Oahu in Hawaii after the past few early swells we've had t
  20. Since I'm really a nobody here, my opinion may not mean much. But in reading, your posting style isn't so annoying but the quoting of entire posts, especially if it's been previously done in the thread by you or other posters IS annoying. And that goes for anyone in any thread. I DO get a laugh out of your "how's it going?" And ROCK ON!!!
  21. Jeff and Eric have been very active on the concert scene and Jimmy has had infrequent appearances and live showings so I doubt he'll be jamming with them. If the chances were great why not just headline as Clapton, Beck AND Page? Hopeful desires are nice but if I were a betting man, I'd say nope, he won't show. I'd love to be wrong.
  22. Well if you do get started, how about a new thread? I can do a preview. When I carry my cellphone, which isn't that often, I keep mine on the plain jane ring at low volume and vibrate. When I'm in public I only have on the vibrate. And that's the rare times I even have the phone turned on!! I've never become slave to it. Back on topic, sort of, I recently got a small portable digital device and put FULL albums on it in the highest quality compressed format, mp3-320kbps, for remote listening. I have very long rides on public transportation and HAD to get a player. I don't download
  23. As far as Hall of FAME material, yes KISS should be in there. But if the award's group were to be called Hall of inovative music and expertise, they'd never get on the first step. Too many bands and musicians that are famous have music that is pure schlock and droll. I say the institution should set their criteria for musical attributes versus the characteristics that now dominate the selections. Then again, it would be subjective not objective. Talent doesn't have a number system like album sales, magazine covers and idiotic fans that mass to these "popular" bands of which so man
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