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  1. The blame for the contraction goes squarely with those who've quit buying compact discs and the young who never have because of lousy compressed, easily available downloads. Part of the blame can go to the suppliers too, but ultimately it's potential music listener who multitask and don't concentrate on just the music so the lessened quality goes unnoticed. Even with the downloaders who do opt for lossless formatting, they'd rather have their music loaded onto an iPod or similar than take up precious space with cd's. Just goes to show you that music doesn't quite have the same importance
  2. Perfect everyday. Upper 80's down in town and near sealevel, no more than 79 degrees up here and 2500 feet and an occasional passing shower. Nightime finds it in the 60's. Tradewinds predominate and the air is pristine and florally fragrant. It's paradise actually. Seriously. It was pretty hot down on the tarmack today though watching the Thunderbirds and checking out the B-52's, B-1 bombers, C-5A's, C130's, BlackHawk's, F-16's, and the new F-22 Stealth Fighter. That one is state of the art and hasn't been used in combat because nothing matches it and they don't waste it on inferio
  3. After reading your post about Target's $5 gift certificate from buying 2 Beatle remasters, I went out and bought 6 discs. Please Please Me $11.99 A Hard Day's Night $11.99 Revolver $6.99 (normally $11.99) Sgt. Pepper $11.99 The White Album $11.99 (normally $16.99) Abbey Road $11.99 The deal goes on through Oct. 10 so I'll probably get more as well.
  4. Trip-Hop like Massive Attack, Tricky and Portishead put me in a trance-like state. For Led Zeppelin: Kashmir, When the Levee Breaks and No Quarter send me there.
  5. Sugarcane was king here in Hawaii till a couple of decades ago but the government had to subsidize the crop eventually cutting the funding so operations moved elsewhere. Sweet Smoke used to fill the air! The red fields in the photo were some prime fields of sugarcane but now are used for other agriculture. I took this photo last Sunday on a trek on a very exclusive trail I'm privy to as it's only 1/4 mile from my mountain cabin. It's looking towards Pearl Harbor and Honolulu from the knife-edge ridge of the Waianae Mountains near Palikea Peak on Western Oahu. Having an insatiable sweet
  6. Fantastic! And all ORIGINAL members!
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