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  1. I understood that those blouses Robert wore were given to him by female "friends" he met while touring....? And honestly, the man could have paired heels and a purse with those blouses and I'd still never believe he and Jimmy were canoodling.
  2. Well, thank you, ma'am. I honestly wonder how I would have made it through certain times without Grace and Stevie to lean on.
  3. You know actually, I've been thinking about/singing to myself "I Can't Make You Love Me" a lot lately, so yes, Bonnie is definitely on my list.
  4. Grace has been a big part of my life. She's very inspirational to me.
  5. Well, howdy! GASP! OMG! I totally <3 Ashlee Simpson! Especially this one: La La But seriously folks... I feel like I should have mentinoed Joan Baez and Johnette Napolitano in my first post.
  6. Everyone's mentioned my faves already -- Grace, Stevie, Mama Cass, Joni Mitchell, etc. -- so I'm going to throw in a vote for Suzi Quatro!
  7. The live version of Mistral Wind from Greatest Hits/Live is awesome. I wore out my vinyl listening to that track over and over as a kid.
  8. Again, I have to say, if it's a choice between Bonzo Sr. and anybody, I'm going to have to pick Bonzo Sr. I would say that regardless of the forum in which I was asked. I think he's just the best ever.
  9. My heart belongs to daddy. Bonzo Sr. is better than everybody, in my humble opinion. No offense to Jason, who really is super himself, bless 'im.
  10. I always thought it was: br = Brazil sp = Sao Paolo led = Zeppelin No?
  11. Ok, so this is not actually a picture of Robert, but I found it mildly amusing so I thought I'd post it.
  12. I thought I was everybody's eskimo. Guess not... :'(
  13. Oh no, that's ok. I wasn't asking in connection with your post.
  14. Am I wrong? Somehow I can't see Robert "demanding" that the music in a pub be changed. I can imagine him saying he doesn't like a band, but "demanding" that their music be turned off...? That doesn't seem like him. Is it?
  15. Really KB? The Beautiful South? I don't think I've ever heard them mentioned as a "worst" before.
  16. For God knows what reason, my local classic rock station seems to have decided that they're going to play Seger's "Fire Lake" every chance they get. That is the WORST SONG EVER and every time I turn on the radio -- there it is! So, I feel your pain on Seger.
  17. I love Mr. Geekie! And shiela, I love how your cat stretches out! So funny!
  18. Awesome! I love this post! Please tell us why Bob Saget is your hero?
  19. They both look great in this pic, don't they? Very nice pics everyone. I especially enjoyed the more recent ones.
  20. Ha! I'm going to have to keep an eye out for that! I'd love to try it. "She turned me into a newt!... I got better..."
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