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  1. Dazed and Confused sounded absolutely EVIL tuned down Stairway sounded weird Song Remains The Same sounded like the Yardbirds tune "Tinker Tailor, Soldier Sailor" In My Time of Dying-was always played in the key it was played in I really don't care if they tune down....as long as they are on stage playing together all the better At least they put on a show WITHOUT embarrassing themselves now get in the studio and record a new album Can you imagine Page/Jones/Jason jammin on Crackback or any Zooma material?
  2. Its not me.......but I know of someone who had a ticket and had a heart attack the Friday before the show. He's doing fine now! But if that's not an impetus for the boys to tour I don't know what is.
  3. This is what I'd call a "beginners list" 4/24/69-Dancing Avocado Supreme 8/31/69-SBD 9/4/70-Blueberry Hill 9/19/70-One More For The Road 2005 Edition 5/3/71-Get this because they do almost the ENTIRE 4th album 8/23/71-Hot August Night 9/23/71 & 9/29/71 6/11/72 6/25/72 (Get The Audience Tape) 6/27/72 (Get The Audience Tape) 10/2 & 10/4/1972 1/22/73 Southampton SBD THE ENTIRE 1973 MARCH EURO TOUR 5/13/73-Mobile, Alabama SBD 5/14/73-New Orleans, LA (Get The Audience Tape) Bonzo's B'day Party & Three Days After 7/17/73-SBD and AUD 2/12/75 SBD AND AUD 2/16/75 SBD A
  4. Let's get through the 02 concert first There is no way in hell Plant is gonna agree to a LOOOONG tour just do a weeks gigs at the Royal Albert Hall a week at MSG a week at the LA Forum (another week for the Badgeholders) make sure all these are filmed and recorded release a boxed set and never tour again whatever happens happens just have the tape recorders rolling
  5. I'm just happy to see John Paul Jones back into the fold....I'm not expecting Led Zep circa 1972, what I am expecting is the 3 of them (and Jason) giving us a good show with all the crowd favorites plus some surprises. Songs I'd Like To See Performed If They Decide To Tour Train Kept A Rollin Your Time Is Gonna Come When The Levee Breaks (electric) In The Light For Your Life Hots On For Nowhere Tea For One Wearing And Tearing Carouselambra Battle of Evermore (w/ Allison Krauss singing Sandy Denny's lines) Or they can just perform off beat songs as encores They've got so ma
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