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  1. D Check out harptabs.com for the tab, they have it on there.
  2. I don't think JPJ ever wanted to be famous or big. I think all he ever wanted was to express himself musically. He was fine being in the background but at the same time making it all happen.
  3. Hmm.. Do you mean the autoharp John Paul Jones used? (It's not actually a harp, but a zither) Or perhaps the harpischord piano he played? Or the harp guitar Jimmy Page used on Wonderful One? Or are you using the term harp to refer to a harmonica (sometimes called a mouth harp)? As far as I know a real harp was never used on any Led Zeppelin song. Which songs do you think you hear it on?
  4. Anyone notice around 2:37 Jimmy does some slap guitar? Pretty innovative for the time.
  5. I wonder if any of Bonham's family has seen that comment.. Very sad.
  6. I think it'll be one of those things that will come out when Jimmy's nearing the end of his life.
  7. Very cool, too bad I don't have nine grand lying around.
  8. Led Zeppelin IV is a great book, lots of info on their first four albums.
  9. Did anybody here ride the Led Zeppelin ride before the Hard Rock park closed? If so, what was it like and what songs did they play?
  10. The lake placid blue strat. I also dig the danelectro.
  11. Overplayed yes, overrated no. A lot of people would say Stairway is overrated, but if you sit and really think about the song's construction and the genius behind it you would probably think otherwise.
  12. You walk down the hallways in your school yelling "I am a golden god!" You draw the four symbols on everything you can get your hands on, including your cast for your broken elbow. You always find a conversation to quote a Zeppelin song each day.
  13. How can you compare the Lizard King and the Golden God?
  14. I read somewhere that Robert and Jimmy were fans of Joni Mitchel.
  15. How many times did Led Zeppelin go to Bron-Y-Aur cottage?
  16. http://homepage.ntlworld.com/kennethdrury/zeppelin-pg.htm Here's a price guide site, it's one of the first ones on the list. It's listed as being worth 75 Euros.
  17. Page and Plant performed Custard Pie, and Jimmy Page performed In The Light with the Black Crowes.
  18. Can't wait for their new album, wish they would come to Florida.
  19. Link? I went to the site and looked at the lineup and none of those bands are mentioned, although Paul Mccartney is playing.
  20. Were billions more dollars in debt because of Obama's stimulis and on the verge of a socialist healthcare plan, we are worse off.
  21. I cannot deny the skill it takes to play that but I have to say I like it played with one guitar better.
  22. Show me one racist post, race baiter.
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