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  1. that's lovely that they're starting to book dates. For whatever reason, when their 2015 tour wrapped i had this feeling that he was going to close the book on this band and move on to something new, as tends to be his custom once a band really really gets cookin, he tends to go off and do something else. So it's refreshing and delightful that he's keeping this crew together and going back out and hopefully doing some new stuff.
  2. We all know the guys would LOVE to do another record, but it's like lightning in a bottle and they do also have their day jobs to attend to. Queens is wrapping a touring cycle but they're planning on recording the rest of the year and the foos have a record coming out in a few months as well. I think it's just a matter of the guys' schedules clearing up, which could happen at some point maybe in 2015. We know the enthusiasm is there, the stars just need to align. HIlariously enough this would have been the ideal rock outfit for pagey to align himself to, surprised that when JPJ got the call from Grohl and homme he didn't think to call up jimmy and see if he wanted to be involved considering they'd been rehearsing and trying to do a new band. Then again, page prolly wants to play some zeppelin and josh just wouldn't make sense for zeppelin songs, it aint his thing. cant wait to see if they come back around.
  3. yeah the guitar can at times be buried, but keep in mind the tapes that jimmy was working with for this: a radio broadcast, not a multitrack recording. Therefore, jimmy couldn't take the source files which he got from the radio station, and say boost a guitar level or boost a vocal level individually, it simply cannot be done. He has made clear that to him this was the best quality recording he had from '69, as he didn't want to just reissue the royal albert hall performance in audio form, although he could have done that and included thank you and heartbreaker from that one and many would have been content. So you run into stuff like where coming out of the solo in communication breakdown, you have plant's voice SHOOT up in the mix while the music gets significantly lowered, that's stuff jimmy simply couldn't correct. He did do a good job of cleaning up any rough edges and getting the recording to sound as good as possible, and i do appreciate where he was coming from here: capturing led zeppelin at its most primal, slashing, craziest still very much in the embryonic stage of what they would become. Personally, i love it for what it is: a snapshot of a band in time. I love how during moby dick bonzo just thrashes for all 10 minutes like he's possessed, and how the overhead mics managed to capture his screams and yelps between fills, just a cool little touch for me as i love hearing the beast roar. The whole band is on point, and yeah HMMT is significantly trimmed down while heartbreaker is basically missing most of the unaccompanied solo. As for the studio part, haven't dug horribly deep but i do like what i'm hearing in terms of just overall clarity of the recording. I've always loved how for a debut album, Led Zep 1 sounds really good from a production standpoint, but chalk that up to mr. page and his years of working as a session player. My listening source for these all is my parents' wood-paneled Bose speakers from circa 1984 running through a JVC receiver from the same era that i restored to working condition a few years back. Very warm sounding old school system, great for listening to older music like this. love the record!
  4. Song Remains The Same film is on Palladia right now, great to stumble into watching on a Sunday night. i mean yeah it's a concert film with its fair share of faults, but taken for what it is, still very enjoyable.
  5. knowing this is coming out as part of the LZ I boxset.......and hoping the audio source is soundboard, not the FM broadcast...
  6. http://soundcloud.com/jimmypage/ramblize/s-55esN have at it kids.
  7. what would have been cool would have been after he finished touring with the black crowes if he'd gone into the studio with them and did a collaborative record with them. I mean, he'd just toured with them so they had to be all gelled and presumably comfortable writing together. I just feel like that could have been a great environment for jimmy to work in.
  8. If you YouTube it, you'll see that Robert talked about how people from 50 countries were there to see them, talking about how funny it is that people would come expecting. To hear the hammer of the gods so late in life. That's the gist of it, was a really good speech and am sad to have seen it cut
  9. Hope someone gets a transcript up soon............looks interesting
  10. Here's to hoping they fit it in......the only thing really on the books that's in the way is the new QOTSA record which they've been on again off again working on since 2007. Could see the release schedule getting in the way of the vultures potentially, but it wouldn't shock me if in like January the Vultures gather in LA and get cracking on some work, they've got the kind of chemistry together and some old demos already written, they could likely get the product together pretty quickly, especially considering the work ethic of the men involved in it. Will be very interesting to see where they go with this second record, and who knows, maybe we'll get super lucky and Jimmy Page will get active and contribute a solo or two.....we can all dream right?
  11. really what he should do is try to get in on them crooked vultures' second record if they ever do one. Just feel like he could really work in that band and that band honestly had everything he could want: they can rock out hard, they can jam like crazy, they're incredibly flexible performers and they all seem to have a genuine joy in playing onstage together. Guess Jonesy didn't think to invite him along when they first put the band together with him, Josh Homme, and Dave Grohl (and then subsequently also Alain Johannes who played rhythm guitar/keys during their live shows and subsequently became a full member of the band), but you have to think that if the idea ever came up in discussions that dave grohl at least would really push for it.......... then again, there would be negatives as there'd likely be a bit of a push to do zeppelin material which the vultures most assuredly will not do. Still, would be cool to see pagey at least possibly maybe hopefully do some guest work on their next record. We can all dream right? I feel like the addition of page to that band could be absolute dynamite.
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