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  1. that's lovely that they're starting to book dates. For whatever reason, when their 2015 tour wrapped i had this feeling that he was going to close the book on this band and move on to something new, as tends to be his custom once a band really really gets cookin, he tends to go off and do something else. So it's refreshing and delightful that he's keeping this crew together and going back out and hopefully doing some new stuff.
  2. i would guess audio only, no dvd ever of this just considering how much work went into just what was done for the led zeppelin dvd in 2003... like others have said, if i had to guess, i'd guess that he would compile and do a frankenstein of sorts of the "best of them all", or if we got lucky he'd just choose the best individual performances and let those run. Considering a near identical setlist all the nights, you pick the best of each, put it in, and let it go warts and all. Could be a lovely release and IMO the easiest call of the bunch, only because they have 5 nights that they could compile so they're not married to any performances, they have multiple to choose from and they can still label it all as live at earls court.
  3. http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/robert-plant/2015/theatre-antique-de-fourviere-lyon-france-63f67667.html robert broke out custard pie????? hahah glad to see him increasingly breaking out the rockin' songs from the zeppelin repetoire, i like the move by the big guy that he's getting back into a more rockin' state of mind. kind of did the same thing with strange sensation in the time leading up to the zeppeling reunion....................................haha just trolling, i'm actually just glad that he continues to switch up and add songs and keep it fresh. the coolest part of all this, much like all his shows the last few years has been just the joy and comfort you can see the guy has with who he is and what he's doing. There's no more of that whole running from the zeppelin ghost thing......he just does what he does and does a splendid job of it. Highly refreshing.
  4. dramatically improved in the evening. everything sounds clearer, the bass just BOOMS and all those nonsense effects are off Robert Plant's voice. Imagine it really is just a different mix of the studio version we've always known, but good lawwwwd sounds so much better than what we've always had for a studio version. JPJ's bass just booming and great all over the place, i really like the runs he does just all over the place.
  5. see that would be quite interesting, the question then becomes does it become a CD/DVD package given they have video footage? We know the footage exists and have in fact SEEN a great deal of it, just depends on Page's outlook. Honestly though I wouldn't expect a box set, that's not how Pagey rolls, but rather a compilation that has every track performed in its running order (same setlist all 5 nights) with obviously whatever splices and changes page chooses to make to create a "best" version of any song. WE all know how he loves to pop in whatever makes the song sound optimal, see Stairway from HTWWW containing the keyboards from the Southampton show on the intro....... honestly, i think we'll see Earl's court get out there for the world to see. Knebworth not so much as the DVD seemed to clearly show that Page heavily favoured just one of the days and overall the performance hasn't historically been judged to have as much oooomphhh as the earl's court shows. Seems nothing from 77 will ever see the light of day too.......we shall see.
  6. so trampled under foot has made its way into his set? they actually play it pretty straight up, and actually i quite enjoyed the breakdown bringing in juldeh for the solo there, it fit like a glove. very curious to see what zeppelin he keeps adding as as this touring has gone on the last few years he's progressively added more and more and more zeppelin songs playing them pretty straight across the board. Wanton is identical to zeppelin's version, trampled is the same just with juldeh soloing now......what is and what should never be, lemon song, honestly just glad the guy seems to be enjoying himself doing it. if he can do this and enjoy himself then more power to him, it's his life he should live it as he wants.
  7. Set so far on the stream.......... Wanton Song Turn It Up Black Dog Rainbow Yellow is the Colour (Donovan) snippet into Going To California (Justin Adams having all sorts of problems to start with having that mandolin in tune....) No Place to Go / Dazed and Confused Lemon Song (Robert teases how Jack White got him interested in playing the song again) LIttle Maggie Fixin To Die (they really really rocked it up, harder hitting than a lot of versions i'd heard before, crowd looked to eat it up) I Just Want To Make Love To You / You Need Love / Whole Lotta Love / Who Do You Love? / Whole Lotta Love Encore: Rock And Roll (dedicated to the milk maids of Devon!) Didn't realized they'd totally gone basically back to a legit zeppelin arrangement on black dog again.....seriously my takeaways from the zeppelin songs thus far are that if he's going to play these songs and play em this way, just go ahead and do it with jpj and jimmy....his wails on black dog and wanton were very on point. then again, the guy is in his 60s and these are the guys he wants to present this music with today. must just feel like a lower pressure environment for him, not having to deal with the weight of the world? But doing a high profile music festival like this and doing zeppelin songs in full zeppelin mode just might maybe induce some press pressure.......then again RP doesn't seem to care what anyone thinks and kudos to him for that. and in all honesty, and this is one of the few sensational space shifters shows that I've actually viewed and they seem to have honestly hit their stride and have done a good job covering the history of RP while also brining in those trip hop influences and utilizing Juldeh and his African instruments at logical, cool places as a texture here and there. Also, RP seems to just be having so much fun and have a general camraderie with his guys and end of the day he strikes me as the kind of person who will only do something if he feels fully fulfilled and really gets on with the people he's working with and for now at least he seems quite pleased with this group of musicians.
  8. was going to say, looks like it's a GO for today after a week of cancelled gigs.........already caught the mumford replay on Apple TV through the 60 inch TV......as long as you have a solid internet connection the stream comes through crystal clear and is absolutely beautiful and great audio quality as well. oh the perks of the modern world.............should be a fun show to check out tonight.
  9. i feel like i'll buy it, but i won't feel good about it. reason being that the companion disc is just a colossal letdown. I say colossal because really only 7 tracks? we all know there has to be some other working version of ten years gone, and of course Swan Song which we KNOW ABOUT. Least they let us have the alt in the light we've had for years in full quality, but still Jim 7 tracks for a 16 track album? I thought they'd found some "really cool stuff" but this to me just screams scraping the bottom of the barrel. If this is all you can get together for PG, then like the first record, you should have put some live audio out, give me some '75 show songs and let er ride to make this truly worth the fans' while. and yes i'm saying this knowing full well i'll likely buy it.
  10. Just join them crooked vultures and deactivate that band, do some zep tunes, it would be killer. Forget the other band members commitments, this would be huge
  11. http://www.tightbutloose.co.uk/tbl-news/led-zeppelin-iv-houses-of-the-holy-olympic-studios-playback-event-report-plus-exclusive-tbl-companion-disc-preview/ sorry sports fans, looks like it's pretty much just alternate mixes. No different guitar solo for stairway apparently......no quarter is an instrumental of the album version with different pieces missing, but not a change to the original tempo or anything like that. take some risks with the companion disks jimmy, it'd be nice.
  12. I mean, them crooked vultures had no trouble headlining fests around Europe, played high profile gigs all over the place, i would imagine it would be the same for page/jones/and lil bonzo.......people saying that it wouldn't be a HUGE draw are out of whack. Page is one of the MOST LEGENDARY guitar players on the planet and when zeppelin announced the O2 show, it was the most demanded ticket in history, you mean to tell me a tour with page/jones/and lil bonzo playing both new music as well as stuff like kashmir, rock n roll, black dog, and stairway wouldn't sell out arenas worldwide? I honestly believe page should have just said screw it, i'm bringing this band on the road with a new singer, putting out a new record and mixing both the old zep songs and new songs into a set and gunna have a blast doing it. that to me is the saddest part, how hesitant he was, and i think that's why jonesy jumped ship and did TCV, it was an opportunity to get out there, put out some tunes and have fun in a rock band again. Page clearly wants that, so just DO IT.
  13. I honestly believe that Page thought by rehearsing new material with lil bonzo and jonesy and by bringing in singers to see if there was chemistry and letting all that leak out to the press was hoping to pressure Robert into signing up to get back on board with the band. I just don't think Page truly had the heart and guts as it were to strike out without Robert, to tour with lil bonzo, jonesy, and a new singer as a new project that sprinkled in zeppelin classics here and there. to anyone questioning whether or not this would be huge without plant, are you kidding me? The guys are legends, they'd easily sell out EVERY SINGLE JOINT THEY WANT TO PLAY IN because people would know they're going to bring out the zeppelin hits. Granted what would have been most important in this project was having material that could stand up next to the zeppelin stuff, stuff where they could do something new then play kashmir and have it feel relatively seamless. Plant had been pretty clear that in anything he does he wanted to do new music, but i honestly don't think Plant would want to do new music as Led Zeppelin, preferring to let sleeping dogs lie. Plant to me would have wanted the guys to twist the music a bit, make it something different if there was any reunion tour. I think at the end of the day plant essentially called pageys bluff, and at that point Jones had the offer to do them crooked vultures with josh and dave grohl, so he took that as it gave him all the fulfillment that he was waiting on with the zep stuff........sad part is i wish he would have invited page to join the vultures, that would have been sick.
  14. Saw it via zeppelin news twitter handle.... Cool story, dude still sounds so nervous like page has the dogs of doom ready to sack him if he tells too much. Honestly of the crop of people who's names have been floated, he could have worked the best, young guy with great pipes and a ton of energy. What he said: Wasn't Gunna call it zeppelin, working title was something around calling it some kind of project Some killer tune existed with a classic page riff and jones on pedal steel Worked for a week and never heard back from them Jams were recorded with Myles on vocals, page expressly asked if tape was rolling... Wish they would have asked what zeppelin songs they jammed....I mean we know someday somehow if there are tapes they will be heard, just cool to hear a bit more about all of it.
  15. eh, not impressed with the alternate take on black dog...... mostly with the alt takes, it bothers me that the rhythm tracks are typically the same, with teh guitar and vox being different. Guess that's all they have, but it doesn't serve much value for me to have black dog with no guitar solo, the same rhythm section track, fewer guitars, and some random extra wailing out of plant... hey if that's all they've got, it's all they've got, that's life. hoping stairway's solo is something radically new....
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