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    Blues, Rock, Hard-Rock, Jazz, Classic - I guess "Music" in general.<br />Guitars (my favorite babe is my Ibanez AM200!)<br />Table-Tennis obsessed.
  1. Okay, thanks for the clarification and encouragement. As I explained yesterday, a lot has happened since we learned about my wife's breast cancer back in early March of this year. It was - and, of course, still is - quite a journey we're on. Maybe you're right and somebody might benefit from our experience. As soon as my time allows, I will put something together describing what we did and why we did it that way. I got to be careful, though, and I guess you figured that by now : I'm not a native English speaker and therefore my choice of words, the structure of my phrasing plus the general l
  2. J.S. Bach - Toccata et Fuga (Richter) Magic Sam - at the Ann Arbor Blues Festival (August 1969) Here's a video-clip of Magic Sam - it's worth watching all to the end:
  3. Thanks for the all comments to my posting from earlier today. I think an internet forum such as this one (which was created for another purposes) is the wrong place to elaborate in depth about all the pros and cons coming with either approach. I will therefore not continue to post here. Just a very last comment, because I don't want to be misunderstood: I completely agree with your statements saying that there is no universal solution to this problem. What might work for one person, does not necessarily work for another one. My general point was, that I think that it's very important to mak
  4. Hi there, I understand that this topic was mainly created for women and it is not my intention to bother anybody with my beliefs. However, maybe I can contribute a little bit to the discussion surrounding breast cancer which took place at the beginning of this thread. My wife and I were taken completely by surprise when we learned about her breast cancer diagnosis earlier this year. Nobody can relate to the kind of helplessness you feel when confronted with something like that, unless you actually had to experience it yourself. There was no family history of any kind of cancer in my wife
  5. Hannah Montana - I wish I was kidding, but its' the sad truth.
  6. Right, I read the article, too. I'm just curious to find out whether anyone had a chance to see it at this point and therefore might be able to share some findings with us/me. Without knowing a lot of background details, I am not really sure how U2's guitarist fits into the picture. But maybe I'm just biased, bacause - and I admit that - I never liked their work. I can see more resemblings of Page's guitar work in Jack White's style, but I just don't see the link to "The Edge". But to make that clear - I am not judging U2. They are a highly respected, accredited and successful band. It just
  7. Ibanez AM200, among others - but that's my favorite babe.
  8. Hi and thanks, Deborah. Yeah, I figured that already by browsing through the threads - a wealth of knowledge and interesting people, indeed. I was also hoping to meet some "old friends" here I used to hang out with online in a Zeppelin chat room back ten years ago or so. Unfortunately, the chat-room was shut down for reasons unbeknownst to me. Well, we shall se...
  9. Registered here today, 08/11/09, 37 years old (almost..) born in Germany and lived there until 2005, then relocated to the USA, Father of two, married, Obsessed with guitars (even though I only own six of them) and music, obsession with table-tennis (not ping-pong, you blasphemous souls.. ) two dogs......
  10. To me it's "Bron-y-aur" and "In my time of dying".
  11. Same here - "Dazed and Confused". For many, many reasons. Everything comes together in this song and it "climaxes" in Page's brilliantly phrased solo. I must have heard it a gazillion times by now and I never get bored by doing so. The main riff is a killer in itself. But it would be wrong to actually point out a certain bit or piece - it is the whole song, an epic masterpiece. A precious piece of beautiful art, for the lack of a better term!
  12. "The China Study". Not necessarily an eye-opener to me, but finally a book that brings substantial scientific evidence to the table in order to support the idea that there is a strong link between the most common diseases we suffer from, and the stuff we put into our bodies, typically referred to as "food".
  13. The movie hit selected theatres here in the States last Friday - did anyone have a chance to see it, yet?
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