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  1. Signed up today August 11th... No wait, it's after midnight so the twelfth. I play guitar, not very well though... But my teach is cool. I have a smorgasbord of odd thinkings (could be mental problems, results still pending. ) they might just be eccentricity though, which could work well for me. I love to read just about anything and everything. I've had an infatuation with Led Zeppelin since about 4th grade- Er... Maybe 5th... Er... I don't know about as far back as I can remember. Despite being an American I'm a fan of sports more common in Europe and other places, such as rugby. I'm a sucker for Nascar for some reason though. I wish I had been born into my dad's generation so I coulda been a , my generation hasn't had anything really awesome in just about anything.
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