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  1. I gotta say i was rather disappointed. for some reason fool in the rain was the only song i liked off that album.
  2. my three fav songs aren't on there. No Quarter, Ten Years Gone, and When The Levee Breaks.
  3. 1. No Quarter 2. Ten Years Gone 3. When The Levee Breaks 4. Achilles Last Stand 5. Black Dog 6. Dazed and Confused 7. Kashmir 8. Friends 9. Over The Hills and Far Away 10. In The Light 11. The Ocean 12. Living Loving Maid 13. The Rain Song 14. Since I've Been Loving You 15. Fool In The Rain 16. What is and What Should Never Be 17. Tangerine 18. Battle of Evermore 19. Stairway to Heaven 20. Heartbreaker It was so hard to make this list. damn.
  4. No Quarter's my favorite Led Zeppelin song. I like Dazed and Confused though.
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