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  1. My 10 year dance with maiden started with 'Piece of mind', 'Powerslave' and 'Fear of the dark'. Nothing beats 'Killers' though, I admire Bruce but Killers FN rocks. Its been nice to upgrade my old 'over-dubbed' Iron Maiden tapes to cd!
  2. Bron-yr-aur The Crunge I'm gonna crawl Stairway to heaven (don't hate it just get over everyone saying, Oh yeah Led Zeppelin, thay have that stairway song eh??)
  3. I feel (like many posting their stories on this site, im sure) that i was born in the wrong era, being born in '78' means i missed the times when music mattered, when it was a lifestyle. It grieves me when i admit to myself i will never see Zep play live, or the Beatles, Sabbath, and many other bands who i find so inspirational (Zep is the only band i would give a limb to see). Sad as that is i have been lucky, I have always had Zep in my life. My dad was the lead guitarist in a cover band called 'Blackdog' when i was born. They played covers from Led Zep, Black sabbath, AC/DC, ect. My si
  4. I'm sure i've missed the cut off date but who could miss the opportuinity to post their top 5 Zep songs? 1. Babe im gonna leave you 2. No quater 3. D'yer mak'er 4. Tangarine 5. I cant'quit you baby What a great topic!
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