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  1. Not strictly on TV, but I finally got around to watching 'The Hollow Crown' on DVD last night which was first broadcast by the BBC in the summer. I watched the first episode, Richard II with Ben Whishaw. His performance, the whole production left me speechless. Even if you don't like Shakespeare I would urge you to watch this. It's so captivating you can't take your eyes away from the screen.
  2. Wow, Jimmy looks very sexy in this ad, but doesn't he always? He definitely has that iconic look about him. The double-breasted coat really suits him, and looks very expensive.
  3. I'm about half-an-hour away from Leek. I don't think I've walked The Manifold Valley. I did lots of walks in the Peak District when I lived in Sheffield (I lived on the side that borders the Peak District). I'm not sure where exactly, except it was bloody hard work but worth it for the views.
  4. ^^Maybe I should, I hadn't thought of that.
  5. It's snowing lightly here. I took this photo from the bottom of my garden this morning.
  6. I put on a pair of boots this morning that I haven't worn since last winter, and I felt something in the toe. I took them off expecting to find a stone, and a pound coin dropped on the floor.
  7. I love public transport. When I used to live in Sheffield the public transport system was probably one of the best in the country outside of London. I was particularly fond of the Supertram - cheap, clean and very efficient. I never needed to use a car when I could walk everywhere or hop on a bus or the tram. Living out in the countryside, the public transport isn't as great, but it has imporved recently with more regular buses running into town. I don't drive, but my other half does so we have a car.
  8. I'm not sure if this has been posted elsewhere, but I was catching up on reading my newspapers yesterday, and I spotted this nice little story about Zep' from The Guardian on 27 December. The first part is about the boys. http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2012/dec/27/2012-music-writers-favourite-moments
  9. I'm looking forward to watching the final episode of 'Merlin' tonight on BBC 1. Then I will be watching the sequel to 'The Snowman', The Snowman and the Snow Dog'. I know, I'm a big kid, but I like to watch something festive on Christmas eve.
  10. Merry Christmas everyone and a happy and healthy new year.
  11. When we get past peak oil this could very well be the eco vehicle of the future. Granted it's not as snazzy as the BMWs and other cars mentioned on this thread, but I think it has it's charms.
  12. I watched a the film 'Another Earth' last night. I was worried that it was going to prententious nonsense like 'The Tree of Life', but it was a really interesting and thought provoking flim about redemption.
  13. Today it's just Dairylea and some cherry tomatoes, and a couple of pickled onions on the side.
  14. Getting my hair cut. Nothing drastic, just an inch off the ends, but I feel like a new woman.
  15. I'm having my brunch. Mixed seed Ryvita, a packet of cheesy Wotsists, and an apple for good measure.
  16. There seems to be a collective psychosis in the US. A term which has been used a lot in past few days. Someone mentioned the Brits being uncivilized with regards to fox hunting. This is now banned. In fact the UK has one of the best records for animal welfare. There's so much insanity in this thread I will leave you yanks to fight it out amongst yourselves.
  17. You should take a long hard look at how the rest of the world sees the US right now. Civilsed isn't a word being used very much. Thanks for the textbook analysis of American culture. When I mentioned human rights I was talking about those children's fundamental right to life as opposed to your civil right to own a gun. Which is more important?
  18. ^^I had a crap secret Santa present too, a fork the swivels round so you can eat spaghetti without moving your hand. It's in a bag ready to go to the charity shop.
  19. Gun ownership/control is one on the most important issues in American politics today, and it's a shame that we can't have an intelligent debate about it on this forum without resorting to immature name-calling. One member mentioned on here that London is like the US. Another member seems to think that the UK is a safe house for terrorists, with terrorist attacks occurring on a frequent basis. I can't express how wrong they are. Everywhere in the UK, I believe, is safer than most parts of the US (the most recent atrocity that sparked this debate happened in quiet and safe community). There a
  20. I love my Christmas tree, and getting out all my decorations. I have a traditional colour theme of gold, red and and green. The only thing I never look forward to is untangling the tree lights. Mr. Magic normally deals with them, and then I get to do the fun bit. It took him nearly 2 hours to get them untangled this year. Then when we switched them on they didn't work! There was a loose bulb, and they are now on the tree looking very 'magical'. I also have a wreath. I made my own wreath this year which was lots of fun.
  21. I had a great evening last night. I had some friends round to watch Celebration Day. They are Zep heads but hadn't seen it. It's such an amazing show, it just seems to get better and better, and I keep noticing new things.
  22. And that's the problem with having a codified constitution. Some aspects of it become outmoded and require change. It's very difficult to implement these changes if they are enshrined in the Constitution.
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