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  1. America must be a very sad and unhappy society if their need for guns is more important than the lives of innocent children. To a rational outsider, clearly the answer to preventing the heinous crime that happened on Friday from ever happening again isn't more guns. Until they change their Wild West mentality these mass shooting will continue to happen.
  2. Waiting for Ikea to deliver my shelving unit. Then I'm off to my work Christmas party tonight.
  3. Most parts of the country might get a light covering. Nothiing to worry about I think since it's going milder at the weekend.
  4. It's really foggy here too. I was driving home late last night with my other half on the country roads in the freezing fog. That wasn't a fun experience at all. He was doing the driving. I just kept praying that we'd make it home alive! Snow is forecast for tomorrow.
  5. Just heard this news on the radio, very sad. He was a truly great musician who was able to cross musical boundaries.
  6. The whole post was brilliant and inspired as per usual Strider, but this was my favourite part.
  7. ^^Yes, happy birthday Kiwi!! As I mentioned to you, I was offline on Sunday so I missed your birthday. I'm just glad so many members here remembered. I hope you had a great day.
  8. The Trafford Centre is about 40 minutes up the M6 from where I live. It must the nearest major shopping outlet. I've never been once. A work colleague went the other week and she said it was manic. Although apparantly John Lewis has a huge Christmas tree made out of lego which would be worth seeing.
  9. I was very sad to hear this news on Sunday. I attended a lecture by Patrick Moore many years ago. He was a unique, eccentric individual with a brilliant mind.
  10. Maybe I do! Shopping malls, in particular, I find unbearable. Why do they have the heating turned up so much? The Christmas sales - I can never understand why anyone would queue to buy clothes discounted. Most stores now have sales on all year round.
  11. One of my favourites: I usually get one of these given me at Christmas:
  12. Most of the shops where I live are crap, and it takes forever to get to them. I also hate going out in the crowds and all the Christmas rush. I just get stressed and come home empty handed. I have ordered some things from Amazon, although now I feel bad about giving them my money after the tax evasion debacle. I'm try to use British online retailers like John Lewis and M&S. I have 90% of my Christmas shopping done. Now I just have to wrap everything.
  13. It's pretty chilly here too and still frosty this afternoon.
  14. Not a meal, but I'm consuming aniseed balls at the moment. They're quite hard to to find these days. I was in one of those old fashioned sweet shops on Sunday and bought a couple of bags.
  15. I've just ordered this book. The reviews look good so far. The material seems to be more substantial than Tolinski's book which I'm finding quite disappointing. I'm looking forward to reading it over Christmas.
  16. I enjoyed the interview and seeing the three of them together, smiling and laughing.
  17. I will Kate, thank you. Poor Danny having to wait, but I'm sure it will make his Christmas! Send him my very best wishes.
  18. My copy of 'Celebration Day' finally arrived in the post. I nearly hugged my postman when I saw that Amazon package in his hands. My next door neighbours, a lovely retired couple, have just gone away for a few days so 'Celebration Day' will be played at an appropiate volume tonight without me worrying about disturbing them. Somehow I don't think they're Zep heads! 'My, my, my, I'm so happy, I'm gonna join the band'.
  19. ^Hi Kate What a great picture. Any idea where this was taken? I don't recognise the building.
  20. It's the incompetence of Royal Mail as usual. I have a couple of items of mail that have gone astray. It must down to my local sorting office. I would phone them and complain except they never answer the phone. I wonder why?!
  21. Sadly it's not coming today Kiwi. I got an email on Saturday saying it had been dispatched first-class for delivery on Monday and it's still not here on Tuesday. We used to have two deliveries a day, but with Royal Mail's cut-backs we're down to one now. It's very frustrating waiting. I'm going to try and put it out of my mind until tomorrow.
  22. Well Kiwi, I'm very disappointed. The post has just been and it isn't here. I expect it will come tomorrow, but for first-class delivery it's pretty poor. Amazon will send me another one if it doen't arrive tomorrow, but that's not the point. If I knew it was going to be this delayed I would have gone out yesterday and found a store that's actually selling it. I don't enjoy grocery shopping much either. Good luck with that!
  23. It looks fantastic. Thanks for posting these pics Strider. I want mine to arrive so badly now. There will be trouble if the postman doesn't deliver it today! Kiwi, your version looks great too. I do prefer the DVD shaped packaging for storing my DVDs. The postman has been and gone, nothing. No celebration day here today.
  24. ^^I agree Kiwi. We can't understand where we are or where we are heading without first understanding what came before us. I get the same appalling attitude from students all the time; those who spend lectures and seminars fiddling around on their smart phones/ipads updating their Facebook and so forth instead of paying attention. They just expect a degree to be handed to them and then they expect they can fall into a well paid job. They also expect me to write a glowing reference for them when frankly their attitude stinks. Sorry, rant over! What I'm doing today? Patiently waiting for my po
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